How To Understand Your Market Target Audience Traits

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Sometimes your target audience can show peculiar traits thus making it difficult to know exactly what they really want. But that does not mean you stop trying to find out their needs.

Addressing the needs of your market target audience is the secret to online business success. As a webmaster or blogger you need to acquire a sixth sense that sees the thoughts of your site visitors.

It is only by identifying the problems facing your target audience will you be able to generate valuable content.

A look at companies doing well like Apple, you will discover that they know how to read their customers’ minds. Apple provides solutions even before customers know they are in need of a solution.

When your blog content is able to address the desires, worries, frustrations and expectations of your target audience money will surely become your middle name.

The benefits of creating insightful and educational content to your visitors are endless. With rich content your blog will easily go viral, your SEO profile will hit the roof and your brand name will reach corners of the world you only dream about.

A blog like Pro Blogger has really helped me to learn a lot of things as pertaining to blogging. The content that Darren Rowse (Pro blogger) publishes goes a long way in making a difference in his market target audience lives. People like Darren, Pat (Smart Passive Income), Glen (Viper chill) are the people I like to refer to as influencers.

Generating content just for the sake of it can make you irrelevant within no time. The minute your target audiences feel that you are not meeting their expectations; they will quickly run to your competitors.

It is amazing how an American comedian can make Americans shade tears with laughter and fail to make people in Europe even crack a smile. But for the American to achieve the same with the Europeans, he will need to study their traits and what they relate to so as to form relevant jokes.

That is the same case with online business, what appeals to a certain niche may not work with another market target audience. To really understand the needs of your target audience is not easy, but it is attainable.

On this write up we share learn how to study your site visitors thus publish content that will address their issues. From today, you should provide your site audience with content that will get them sharing and spending more time on your website or blog than ever before.

Are you wondering where your traffic went to? Could it be you have been assuming the topics your target audience want discussed? If this applies to you then you have to read this article to the end. By the way, you do not need to be a magician to understand your blog visitors.

Here are 5 ways of identifying the needs of your market target audience:

site audienceRefunds: This point will mostly apply to sites selling products online considering that your products are part of your content. One thing that can really hurt your online reputation is selling products that are not up to standard.

For you to build a reputable brand name, everything you have on your blog should be top notch. That is why you need to track the performance of the products you are selling.

If you notice there is a product that people keep on requesting for refunds after purchasing, you should right away remove it. Address the needs of your target audience does not only apply to written content. It also involves the products you are selling.

Affiliate marketers need to visit their affiliate accounts and monitor how they are performing. If you see a product that is getting very many clicks and no sales are been made, you have a reason to ask, why? Maybe the product in question is outdated or has run out of stock.

There is an adage that says “Actions speak loader than words” thus when a product’s conversion rate is low you should think of replacing it especially if your site generates high traffic.

Comments: The fact that blogs are interactive; they can really go a long way in helping you understand your target audience. That is why expects in online marketing advice you to incorporate a blog in your website.

If you take time to read the comments that are posted on your site, you will not only get into the minds of your readers but you will know the language that appeals to them.

The manner in which your target audiences present their issues can really help you create powerful and epic content. Come up with titles and article content using the same language that you see your readers using.

This way you will be able to relate with your site visitors as well as address their exact needs. In addition, using their language will elicit more interaction than is usually normal.

Take time to scrutinize the few comments coming to your site and you will discover the real issues that your target audience encounter. Furthermore, you will also be able to link up will new market target audience as your content gains viral effect.

Taking polls: Another way of studying the needs of your readers is by asking questions. From people’s responses you will learn their fears and frustration and that is want you need to use to come up with content.

Ask questions that will call for the readers to explain themselves rather than give a “Yes” or “No” answer. It is from their responses that you will derive your topics and more so the language to use. This way you are guaranteed to touch the emotions of your target audience.

The secret to succeeding in taking polls or surveys is asking the right questions and in the correct manner. For instance, if you ask a question like “Do you know how to start a blog?” chances are that most of the answers will be “Yes” and “No”.

In order to get into the minds of your site visitors you need to rephrase the question. You would be better off asking “What challenges are you facing in regards to starting a blog?”

By the way, you do not need to have a lot of traffic in order to post surveys on your site. The same results you would get from 500 responses will be the same if 50 people responded. In short, with 50 responses you will gather what your target audience needs to be discussed.

Polls will work best when you ask people to tell you their desires and fears. However, you will remain their friend if only you offer them workable solutions.

Also, a site like Yahoo Answers can really help you to understand the needs on your market target audience. Here people ask questions that they are struggling with and you can read their thoughts to know what to write about.

Keyword tools: On two of our previous blog posts we talked in details how important keywords are in relation to online business. Something that may appear to be in demand according to you may not be the case to your target audience.

Follow the links below to read these articles and learn more about keyword research

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That is why keyword research is very important. Generating content without knowing what people are searching for is like throwing punches in the dark and hoping you will hit the target.

The beauty about keyword research is that there are tools you can use for free. These include Google Keyword tool and Word Tracker. In case, you want a more detailed and comprehensive analysis of keywords you will need to purchases tools like

Keyword Discovery

Keyword winner

I find it quite amazing how the world has become like a small village. Imagine, while at the comfort of my home I can know the needs of the people in Asia by a click of a button. If that is not the secret and way to make money online from home then I don’t know want else is.

Reaction to older posts: The activities that took place on your site in the past can really help you understand your market target audience. This is why it is imperative to add share buttons on your site since they will be good indicators on how visitors react to your content.

There are many blogs out there that have over 50 articles and the owners have not taken time to know how people reacted to them. In fact, with just 15 blog posts you can be in a position to tell the needs of your target audience.

Many are the times you will hear the words call to action being mentioned when it comes to writing online. Call to action messages include telling your site audience to

* Leave comments

* Share your blog posts

* Register to your email list

* Subscribe to your RSS feed

The above call to action strategies are good to ensure you engage and interact with your blog visitors. More than anything else, they can help you know whether people liked your articles or not.

If you see an article that solicited most comments or was shared a lot, you should seize the opportunity and come up with a similar article. Go back to the popular articles and see how you arranged your words and the manner you phrased your titles. This will give you a rough idea on how to write your future publications.

You can borrow ideas on what to blog about by reading comments made on an old article. It can really amaze you how phrasing old articles can produce even more compelling and epic content.

Conclusion: Here is what I want you to do, go back to your old articles that really had an impact on your target audience and come up with a new blog post.

You can also opt to ask your visitors some questions then use their answers to generate your next post.

After doing that, I request you give it like two days then share your views of what happened in the comment section below.

In case, you have been using the above mentioned strategies before, tell us the outcome in the same comment section provided below.

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All the best, as you put effort and work smart to make money online from your blog.


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