Guaranteeing Old Blog Posts Keep Getting Traffic

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It is said that old is gold and that is how you need to view your old blog posts. As you continue updating your blog with new and unique content, it is vital that you do not forget your previous posts. Some of these old blog posts still hold useful information that people in you niche need to read.

It is therefore imperative that as a blogger you seek for ways of ensuring all your content get maximum exposure. Just imagine if each of your blog publications would be getting you 2 or more visitors a day. This to most bloggers would translate to high volume of traffic which in turn would mean more target page views and online sales.

On this article we want to look at how to ensure both your new and old blog posts can keep bringing you blog traffic.

Social Media Sites: Social network sites have taken the online world by storm and any blogger who ignores social sites does it at his/her own peril.

Just the other day, Google jumped in the band wagon called social media crazy by launching a social media site called Google Plus. As a prudent blogger you should seize this opportunity to revive your old blog posts. Start updating your google plus status wall with your old posts.

It is also possible that you have acquired new followers and fans on twitter and facebook. In addition, some of your target audience on social sites may have missed to read your old posts. Therefore, you can link to your past blog posts. In some instances you can end up rekindling and beginning new viral effects on old blog publications.

WordPress Plugins: One of the best blog platforms to use in blogging is wordpress. This is brought up by the fact that there are powerful automated plugins that help you keep old blog post alive. A good example of a plugin to use is “SEO ALRP”.

With this plugin your posts that are not receiving organic traffic will be resubmitted. Additionally, after every blog post related old posts links will be displayed.

Post new articles related to the old ones: This is very effective since in most cases the old blog posts will have more valuable content than the new posts. Hence to complete the circuit, you will need to link your new blog post to your old posts.

For example, if you shared on a post about how to earn income from home, you can after a month or two publish a follow up post discussing more on how to work online and make money from home and link the two blog posts.

Call to action: It will not hurt to tell your visitors to read your old posts. This is especially so to your new target audience. One of the most powerful things to tell your visitors is to ask them to take some kind of action.

It is amazing how by just asking people to visit or clicking a certain link can really boost traffic to your old blog posts thus high visitors retention. Thus ones in a while after writing a new post recommend another related post that your readers can go through for more information.

Have a Search box: The advantage is that most blog templates come with a search box already installed. But in case you notice that you do not have a search box you need to install one right away.

An internal search box will go a long way in ensuring when visitors search your content they may enter keywords that you used in your old blog posts.

blog postsOptimize all your web pages: Whenever you are publishing on your blog you need to remember that you are writing for both your visitors and search engines.

This means you need to nurture your skills when to comes to SEO writing. The more you keep on practicing the better you get to blend in your targeted keywords within your articles.

Using your targeted keyword phrases within your articles will mean that even as the articles get old, they will still be getting organic traffic from search engines.

Web page optimization involves using rich keywords within you blog title and in the body of your blog posts. You also need to create blog titles that are captivating enough to make people want to click on them when they see the titles on search engine results.

The URL of your blog posts also plays a major role when it gets to generating organic traffic. Personally, I usually shorten my URL’s and make sure that they have my targeted keywords. This can be both long tail or short tail keyword phrases.

On site linking: Add links within the body of your new articles leading to old blog posts. The strange thing is that this is a simple thing to implement but few bloggers do that.

Linking your blog posts is a good way of making your blog user friendly. The best approach to onpage optimization is to link relevant posts thus help readers collect more information about certain topics.

The same applies to search engines, linking posts ensure all your pages are crawled and indexed.

Use video marketing: Video marketing is one of the most powerful internet promotion tools that all bloggers need to utilize.

In case you have some of your old blog posts that traffic has dwindled over time, you can produce a video clip linking back to these posts.

Have categories at very accessible positions: The place you position your categories section is very vital in generating traffic to your previous good posts.

Some of the recommended places to display your categories are at the top of your blog and at the sidebar. This is because no matter which page your visitors go to, they will constantly have easy access to all your new and old blog posts.

Another plugin that you can include is the one that shows you popular posts. This will make certain that your good old posts that got lots of traffic will always feature.

Email marketing: If you have a mailing list you can utilize it to promote your old blog posts. This is by including links of your old blog publications when sending your mailing list newsletters.

This goes to show how important it is for you to begin building your own opt-in list. A site that I would recommend for email list management is Aweber (affiliate link). With the autoresponder you will be able to add links to your newsletters leading to old archived posts.

Add resource pages: This is one of the best tools you can use to boost traffic to all your top ranking blog posts.  The best place to add your resource pages in at the top of your side bar.

These are some simple strategies to undertake in order to reward yourself for the time spent publishing your old blog posts.

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