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It may not be a big issue to some people now, but to others especially established web businesses, online brand management is critical. One single statement can easily dent your online reputation thus affecting your overall brand image.

In the stock market, you will note that one of the elements which cause fluctuation of stock prices is a company’s reputation. Considering that things have now gone online, brand management has become more hostile than ever before.

Usually it takes years to build your online reputation. Some of the strategies of building your site brand name can be achieved through article marketing, forum marketing, video marketing and so on. But credibility which took a lot of effort can be destroyed in a single day because of a simple statement.

The web has turned the world into a small village in that a bad praise from one corner of the globe can travel so fast like wild fire. It is for this reason that monitoring and managing your online brand name is imperative.

Online brand management is about knowing what is being said about your business, from what quarters and how frequent statements are been made about your business. This is not only restricted to big business; small home based business sites are facing the same challenge. Your competitors can easily damage your online credibility in the name of fighting competition.

If your online company is not yet getting any bad criticism brace yourself because with time it will happen. And in case no one is talking about your business, then there is definitely something amiss with your business.

The advantage of people talking about your business is that it offers you an opportunity of brand management. Be it good or bad criticism, you need people talking in order to build your web presence and reputation.

Through online marketing, bloggers and webmasters have the capability to make their sites go viral and reach more targeted audience and in the process creating wealth from home. With a single blog post, you can leverage your business to connect with other bloggers and establish a strong online brand image.

In short, there is no geographical limitation of what you can achieve in the cyberspace. But through the same internet, self proclaimed critics can easily take advantage with an aim to bring down your online business or get 10 minutes of celebrity status.

The downside of criticism is that sometimes they are not based on facts but rather people seeking for popularity. In the name of brand management, search engines offer a lot of web presences to a site like Wikipedia because it shares about big businesses.

Imagine a buzz spreading on the internet about your blog content, products or services. If the talk is positive, then you are OK but if the buzz is negative then you are in big trouble. Negative talk will damage your online reputation and eventually affect your web presence. When that happens you lose leads, clients and of course cash.

Now that we have discussed on how online reputation is important to business growth, let us talk about online brand management and how to monitor what people are saying about your business.

Using the internet to monitor online reputation: Every time you share an article online you are careful to research and use targeted keywords. Did you know that the same can apply when it comes to monitoring what people are saying about your business?

Keywords play a vital role in SEO placement and every online marketer seeks to study how people are searching the web in order to position themselves. By use of primary and secondary keyword phrases, you can zero in and attract visitors to your site.

You can also use keywords to mirror in on what people are saying about your site. A simple search on Google of your website can reveal to you all negative discussions been circulated. Sometimes the bad stuff can be found on the back pages but if you see a bad comment appearing on 1st page you have trouble coming your way.

brand managementIt is recommended that you browse the internet every week and read stories that other people have posted about your business. This also depends on the size of your business; if you have a big business then you need to search daily. As for a small online business people, once a week is enough for brand management and tracking.

Free online tools to use for monitoring brand management.

Social Networking sites Tracking: One of the sites that people can easily use to dent your online reputation is through twitter. Therefore, you need to track anything that is been discussed about your business on this site.

By creating a free account on a site like Social Oomph you can start getting alerts related to tweets related to your business. Once you have an account, on the left click on Monitors and then select Keyword Alerts. From there enter keywords that are related to your blog or anything to do with your brand name.

This will ensure you get immediate email alerts circulating in the tweeting arena. The advantage of this is that you can be able to join discussions immediately they sprout. If the discussion is negative talk concerning your business, you can arrest the situation fast enough before it gets out of hand. Now that is what I call sound online brand management from the comfort of your home.

Tracking with Google Alert: This also works the same way as Social Oomph in that you get alerts every time people search for certain keywords. If you enter your business name as one of your keywords, Google Alert will send you an email anytime someone searchers for it or post anything.

Again, depending on the size of your business you can either choose to receive notifications daily or weekly.

Managing negative criticism: There are several channels that people can use online to post negative talk. This can be done through social networking sites, forum sites, posting comments on your blog or submitting a video.

As we have seen you can track this and respond as necessary. Do not take offence when you get bad criticism; the best way is to treat it as feedback. Look into the comments with a critical eye and if someone is raising pertinent issues address them with the seriousness they deserve. Ignoring can be detrimental to your online brand management and reputation.

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