Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign In A Nutshell

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One of the best strategies of getting unique and targeted traffic online is through pay per click advertising (PPC). The challenge is that most online marketers are still struggling on how best to implement pay per click campaigns.

Arming yourself with great PPC skills is one thing and your approach to online business techniques is another. So as to make sure that your pay per click campaigns succeeds, you have to know how to combine PPC with internet business techniques tactfully.

Did you know that PPC advertisement can be a great tool for keyword research? Ideally, it would take you some time with search engine optimization to determine whether a certain keyword is converting well or not. This is because with SEO it will take some time before you begin generating traffic.

But with pay per click advertising, you begin to generate traffic right away thus determine faster if the keyword you are targeting converts well or not.

Most of us have lost a considerable amount of cash through PPC marketing, but on this article we shall tackle this issue head on. The main reason you fail in pay per click advertisement is not lack of marketing skills but rather misinterpreting the market trends and what happens when visitors land on your homepage. Then the other issue that most work online marketers fail in is improper execution of PPC.

Now let us look at the right approach of Pay Per Click Advertising:

Step number 1: Identify a need in the market

When it comes to PPC marketing, identifying a gap in the market is so critical. It’s better to take all the time researching on the best market opportunity before you launch any pay per click campaign. Ask yourself if the campaign you are launching is a product in high demand.

For example, how would you expect to be successful in pay per click advertisement by selling winter coats during summer time? Or promoting heavy jackets to people living in the desert?   You do not need to be a rocket scientist to know that you will make no sales with such kind of campaigns.

In the business front, you tell a good opportunity when you have a product that is in high demand and has less competition. The same applies to pay per click advertisement, identify a product that has high returns and low competitiveness. This way you will reap the full benefit of pay per click advertising for your work from home opportunity.

How to determine if a market opportunity if good or not:

In offline business one of the best ways for determining the needs of customers is through conducting surveys. Companies usually pay millions of dollars to survey firms so as to know what the needs of their customers are.

As for online marketers, keywords play a major role in determining the needs of a particular niche. Therefore, do not launch a pay per click campaign blindly and hope to get leads. You need to first research and find out what people are looking for. Thanks to keyword database sites like Word Tracker, Keyword Winner, Google Keyword Tool, Google Hot Trends, Market Samurai and so on you can know what people are searching for.

From people searches, you can easily tell if a certain group of people intent to spend money or not. For instance, with a plugin called SEO search term, 1’am able to tell if the visitors that are coming to my site are targeted or not. It is also possible to know if they are people coming to buy or just to read my content.

Monitoring keyword trends is crucial in launching a pay per click advertising campaign. Keyword searches show the real intent of a group of people, hence help you to meet their needs. With proper analysis of keywords you can be able to tell the needs, desires, likes of people in a certain niche thereby exploit to your benefit.

ppc campaignHere are examples of keywords that people will enter that show commercial interest and they include words like coupons, buy, brand names, purchase and descriptions of certain products.

For your pay per click campaign to make sense i.e ROI (Return On Investment), you need to target a niche with high demand but with low bidding. This is especially if your campaign is on a site like Google Adword.

This brings us to the point where we ask; is launching a PPC campaign in a very competitive niche viable?

Personally, I would say Yes and No. The challenge lies in the fact that you would be operating on thin ice. By this I mean that the chances of getting your ROI would be minimal or a matter of luck. In online business marketing you need to be analytical and take minimal risks so as to boost your profit margins.

It is believed that pay per click is for the business people with deep pockets. This is true to some extent but small online business entrepreneurs can also benefit if they research well enough and target low competitive niches using right keywords.

Step number 2: How you execute your pay per click campaign:

You have done your research very well and identified the right niche and the right keywords to use; what happens when people click your ads and land on your homepage, webpage or landing page?

Here are additional questions that you need to ask yourself;

–          What is the visitor’s first impression when they reach your landing page?

–          What is the retention rate of your site also referred to as bounce rate?

–          Is your site easy to navigate through?

–          How is your call to action working?

From these questions you will notice that having the right pay per click skills is not all you need to make money online. If visitors find themselves in a maze when they land on your site then you conversion rate will go done.

Attracting people who are ready to spend is one thing but converting them to customers when they land on your site is entirely a different ball game. Some of the things to consider in order to make online sales include:

–          Offering competitive prices

–          Make it easy for visitors to get to the products they are search for

–          Always ensure your call to action is simple and easy to execute

Most of the time it is difficult for customers to tell one offer from another. This means you should always be a step ahead of your competition by being unique. Come up with strategies that will be difficult for your competition to imitate.

PPC advertisingBelow are the things you need to seriously consider as you launch your pay per click campaign

–          Identify and understand the needs of your target audience

–          Capitalize your Ad titles

–          Get to know the keyword phases that your target audiences are searching for.

–          Your advertising campaigns should stand out from the rest.

–          Your PPC campaign and web content have to call visitors to take action.

–          Your homepage needs to be easy to navigate through

–          Test different landing pages until you get the one that has best conversion rate.

–          Find a way to capture details of your visitors to ensure you can bring them back to your site

–          Monitor your traffic stats constantly

Conclusion: The final piece in the jig saw puzzle when it gets to pay per click advertising campaign is determined by your website or blog design. You can be very good in managing your PPC campaigns but fail in the last huddle which is conversion. Choose keywords that prompt purchase and your pay per click campaign will be worth every penny.

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