Power Of The Internet Seminar In Relation To Home Web Business

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We just concluded a very successful seminar at Kenyatta University organized by Internetpreneurs Club. The event was sponsored by National bank one of the leading banks in Kenya.

One thing that really came out of the one day seminar is the power of the internet when it comes to business. Different speakers shared their expertise on the various ways of generating income at home from the internet.

Let me take you back to how my relationship with Kenyatta University student started. It was during a network marketing meeting where I was invited to share about internet marketing that James Wajohi a student at the university attended.

Though I talked for only 15 minutes, later James told me he went home that day having seen the power of the internet as he has never known before. He promised to organize some students and then called me to give a talk.

As he made his plans, James never got in touch with me until some 3 months later. By this time, he had formed a club, Internetpreneurs Club and got it registered with the university. He got officials and spread the word around campus about the new club.

That is when James finally called me for a meeting. During that meeting we set a date when I would go to the institution and share on the power of the internet in doing business.

I must say I was really impressed by his willingness to share what he had discovered with other students. Hence I did not hesitate to go and give a talk about how to start an online business.

The day finally came and the talk that was to take place in the evening was well attended. From that small talk the students made me to promise to come back again and again.

In the subsequent seminars a manager from National bank attended and he promised to sponsor the next event. He sure did deliver to his promise and here we were in our first fully funded online business workshop.

The day of the big internet business workshop:

Several days to the seminar I would wake up early to research in order to come up with a topic that would help my audience better understand how the internet works. I was working with a very close friend, Isaac Odongo, an expert blogger who runs a blog on How To Play Basketball and another on weight loss.

Ideally, the aim of the club is to share different strategies of generating wealth on the internet. Therefore, they invited different speakers to give talks on online freelance jobs, Forex Trading and Online marketing which happens to be my docket together with Isaac.

Our preparations went very well though some of the speakers said they would not be able to attend. This included Alfric Opidi an established online freelance worker, Boniface Kariuki an expert in Social Media marketing, Rachael Mpyisi expert in Forex Trading. Isaac also sent his apologies.

The morning of the big day finally came and I woke up in good time to prepare for the seminar. By 9.30am we were at the venue with Bernard Mutie an established Network Marketer choosing to accompany me.

power of the web

Officials of the club were ready to welcome us. Since the seminar was to start at 10.00 am a cup of tea was a welcome gesture. Here we were joined by Anne who runs a blog called Business Review Kenya. She was called in place of Rachel to share on forex trading.

Once all was set we headed to the venue and the hall was filled to capacity. The mood was right and expectation was in the air.

For a long time, the internet has been under-utilized in Kenya. Most people have not been able to really take full advantage of the power on the internet especially in regards to business and marketing.

But here we were, with a chance to share our experience and knowledge on how to do business on the web. Hope we will not disappoint the people who had come to grace the occasion.

Introductions were done and the first on stage was national bank. They promised to keep on helping the students achieve their goals through providing modern banking services. This was a welcome gesture taking into account that with money coming from doing business on the internet; students will easily be able to move their hard earned cash from the net into their pockets.

Anne was the next in line and she delivered a great talk on how to make money through forex trading. From where I was seated I could see students following every word with keen interest.

Each speaker was given about 20 minutes to talk and when Anne was through the MC called me on stage. He made a joke saying that I begged to be his best man though he was not married yet and by the look of things there were no signs showing he even had a girlfriend.

I would recommend he visits Isaac’s site on relationships and get some valuable tips. Anyway, jokes aside, I took to the stage and could not help noticing the anticipation on the students’ faces.

I will not go over all I shared but my focus was centered on the power of the internet in terms of earning residual income through blogging. We all have something we are good at and that is where you should start if you want to do business on the internet.

The ability to reach billions of people from all corners of the globe from a simple blog to me is amazing. This is exactly what I told the students to think about.

As you take your lessons, why don’t you transfer what the lecturer has taught you and post it on your site. Someone is right now browsing the internet trying to do a research on the same. The internet is about sharing content and if you provide content money will definitely come your way.

Did you know that as we speak somebody is busy browsing the internet trying to collect information on the best etiquettes on how to use a toothpick? You may find this funny but to someone else this isn’t. Information is power and that is what the internet seeks to provide.

The best way of sharing information online is through launching a website or a blog. A site acts to capture your target audience as they surf the internet. Make sure that you share quality content to make visitors spend more time on your site and more importantly see you as an expert.

Within your site you can also sell your own products or operate as an affiliate marketer. To read more on other strategies of making money from your blog click here.

The internet is very powerful but you need to have the right knowledge and tools to benefit from it. And that is exactly what I wanted the student to get.

Stanley Gitau later came on stage and gave a lovely presentation on how to find and do freelance jobs. By the end of his talk everyone appeared to be ready to open an account at oDesk and Freelancer and begin raking in the cash.

What I learned from the seminar:

Though we have a long way to go we are on the right path. The power of the internet is yet to be fully utilized. We can use the internet to change the course of this country in terms of job creation and business opportunities.

This seminar acts as a stepping stone to be able to reach other people interested in online business. The fact that you can work from home and still operate a big time business is worth a shot.

The day ended with students asking a million and one questions showing just how thirsty they were to learn how to work online. As for me, my site was once again exposed to a new set of visitors eager to learn which meant more targeted traffic to my site.

If you attended this seminar, kindly share your feedback in the comment section provided below.

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