Types Of Promotional Videos For Home Based Businesses

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Promotional videos are one of the best and affordable means for home marketers to advertise their business. Videos have the power and ability to capture people’s attention more than any other media of communication.

Apart from helping to generate online sales leads, promotional videos can be used to teach the subconscious of your viewers thus help increase conversion rate.

On this write up, we shall look at some of the types of promotional videos small home based business entrepreneurs can utilize. Remember, the aim of any marketing strategy for a small online business should be to ensure

1. Quick Publication

2. Generate targeted online sales leads

3. Affordability

Below are some of the promotional videos you can adopt to assist you market your niche business site or blog.

About you videos: This are usually clips that do well when they run for about 2 to 3 minutes. They are videos that talk about your business and what you have to offer.

You can use this type of video promotion to tell your target audience about yourself and what your area of expertise is. Normally, the video contain pictures of your products and maybe your location and in the background someone narrating.

The cost of producing these kinds of promotional videos entirely depends on your budget. You can hire the services of a professional videographer or you can do it for free. All you need to take into account when uploading is that you should include your keywords in your video description files for SEO purposes.

To ensure that your videos have a viral effect, make certain they are interesting and educative. Exciting videos will easily be re-tweeted and shared using social media sites.

Training videos: In most case, these videos use screen capture shot to show viewers step by step procedure of doing something. Training videos are informative and with them you can offer real value to your audience.

Since training videos are instruction based, they can take long depending on what is been demonstrated. There are clips are can go up to 30 minutes while others can be as short as 5 minutes. But experts in promotional videos recommended that you always keep your videos short so as not to lose your viewers. For a training video 7 to 15 minutes is good enough.

To make your video short, you can use some summarized text content before and after your video clip. Avoid using high pitched marketing phrases in a training video, which can spell disaster for your video.

Technical ability clips: These are videos that are used by software developers, building constructors, SEO experts to show their expertise. In essence, they demonstrate the superiority of a certain product or service and at the same time show how affordable it is.

Am sure you have seen commercials showing the performance of a car and the manufacturing process it went through. It could be a video introducing a new braking or suspension system. The aim of these kinds of promotional videos is to display superior ability that gives a firm a competitive edge and distinctiveness.

Demo promotional videos: These are somehow similar to technical ability videos. Demo promotional videos are mainly for products that make movements e.g. electrical, cars, toys and so on.

video promotionThe best approach to these types of video clips is to make them short; 10 minutes is enough. To make them interesting, you can include someone at the background to narrate the demo.

As you demonstrate, it is important to focus more on the strength of your product and how it can bring value and offer workable solutions to your customers.

Sales page video clips: Many people when they hear of sales page, the thing that comes into mind are long high pitched text messages. But you can also produce the same using promotional videos clips.

These videos are action based where you expect your viewers to take a certain action after watching your video. This could be for your viewers to fill in a form, subscribe to your opt-in email list or purchase a product.

Just the way text landing pages are long, sales page video clips are equally long running from 7 to 20 minutes. But the recommended length should be 5 to 10 minutes. The secret here is to interrupt your videos with several calls to action.

Interview video clips: One of the best promotional videos is interview clips. This is especially so when it comes to online branding and building a web presence.

If you want to add a human element to your work online home business, then this is the way to go. Conducting interviews have a way of building credibility especially for service oriented businesses. Trust is so fundamental when it comes to doing business online and since interviews means showing your face; you will make some major strides.

Competition on the internet is quite stiff and therefore you need to look unique in order to stay on top. With a video of you interviewing a customer, you can easily distinguish your home business from your competitors.

Milestone videos: This is more effective when you have been in business for some time and you have won accolades or you have some satisfied customers. Here is where you get to showcase your achievements over a period of time.

If you have employees, you can have an event where you reward top performance. This helps you to bring the human element of your business in terms of appreciating your workforce.

The most that these kinds of clips can stretch should be 5 minutes. Always remember to keep them current, for example posting clips of you rewarding the employee of the year.

3rd party promotional videos: In case you want to generate killer online traffic, post a video of a legitimate testimonial shared by a satisfied client. Since a customers is a 3rd party to your business, his words can easily help you gain trust from your viewers.

It would be even more effective is the person talking of your business is a well known figure. Try and make your testimonials videos run for about 3 to 4 minutes.

Summary: Quality of promotional videos is paramount. You do not necessarily need the services of a professional, but with a good webcam you can produce quality clips.

Video sharing is more effective when you submit your promotional videos on various sites like MetaCafe, Vimeo, YouTube and so forth. Since most of these video directories sites have share button, they will help you in viral marketing.

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