Why Blog Content Is Ultimate When It Comes To Blogging

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Which of the two comes first, generating blog content or making money?

As simple as this question may appear to be, you will be surprised that most people with go for the latter. I cannot blame those that think money comes first because of the fact that money makes the world go round.

But one thing that people forget is that for you to reap you need to first cultivate, plant your seeds and then cultivate again. Sometimes your crop may fail and other times you may harvest big time.

Just like farming, blogging requires you to cultivate and plant. The blog is your field and blog content is your seed. You will also need to learn the right skills of planting and picking your blog content. Not anything out there will work.

I must say I have had a hard time when it comes to blogging. This is because; where I come from, most people do not fully understand how blogging for profit works. And if there are those who know how to blog, I have never had the privilege to meet them.

It is for this reason that I decided to be a mentor to other aspiring bloggers. I do not want others to go through what I went through in the last seven years trying to find my way around.

I tried all manner of things to make money online, from posting adverts to classified ads to banner exchange. Let me tell you the truth, none of those things worked for me. My advice is that you should avoid those strategies like a plague.

The one and the best tactic of making make money online is through generating blog content. You can have the best business blog online but without site or blog content then your efforts may come to naught.

You may say that you have enough money to pay for advertisement but do you stop to ask; what value are you going to give to your visitors? From my experience there is no two way around blogging. You must be ready to create blog content.

It does not mean you generate any kind of blog content; your content has to be unique, exciting and educative. If you can blow the minds of your readers then money will stop being an issue.

Gone are the days when you could post an article of 300 words and traffic would come your way. On certain topics, it may not be possible to relay all the important information in 300 words. In fact, 300 words may not be enough to introduce a topic.

For the last 2 years I have been following the activities of top bloggers in my niche. One thing that they all have in common is that they all seem to be in love with blog content.

People say long content is boring to read but when you land on a site like Viper Chill (Glen’s blog), Think Traffic (Corbett Barr) or Smart Passive Income (Pat’s blog) you will change your views.

This is not to imply that you cannot post short articles, but ask yourself whether your content will add value to your target audience.

How to create content that blows the mind

Passion that resonates: Before you launch your blog, you need to choose a niche that you are passionate about and experienced in. This will ensure your blog content is out of this world. It really moves people when you write personal experiences.

Your experiences are unique and when you begin to write on such it brings out your inner being which your readers will definitely note. Blog content that touches people heart will help you gain online reputation and that is when you hear someone being called a guru, or is it an online ninja?

blog contentWhichever name people will give you, try and generate blog content that is uniquely you. With time people will start sharing your content and help you build an online presence.

Nature of content: Publish blog content that your target audiences have no other choice but to share. Captivate your readers with richness and insightfulness that cannot be found on any other blog.

That should always be the nature of you blog content. Do not worry if you find that difficult to achieve for now. Even the top bloggers you see today started out as rookies and made their way up to the top of the league.

The problem with most people is giving up when they are just about to hit the jack pot. It is important to note that before you become successful you have experienced failure several times. In fact, out of 10 attempts, you may fail 9 times before you get your big break.

Your first articles may turn out to be a big flop, but how do you expect to be a good author if you do not make mistakes? It is through the errors that you learn and become a good writer.

The thought that online business is easy should never be in your mind. Just the way it takes time to build an offline business, the same applies to online business especially blogging.

The other day I was telling my students not to bother looking at their site traffic statistics. It would be much better to concentrate on working on building valuable blog content. Why? Because the ultimate answer to making money online is blog content.

Make those mistakes and as you correct them you will learn the art of writing on the web. The more you keep on writing, the more you will trigger your mind to think and thus better construct your blog content.

Another thing that plays a major role when it comes to nature of your content is research. The best way to research is to read. As you read other people’s work you will get inspirations on what to write about.

It will broaden your mind on things to write about and how best to write. In addition, it will assist you to add twists to your stories that will make your blog content even more captivating. And the only way to achieve that is through packing your mind quality information. There is no better way of adding knowledge but reading widely.

You do not have to necessarily compose long articles in order to captivate your readers. The point here should be to make sure that your blog content adds value.

Sometimes you need to really explain something for you to pass your message across. Other instances, a short article is all you require. Therefore, it is for you to decide how long your blog post will be depending on what topic you are addressing.

Why valuable blog content is the key to working online through blogging:

Earlier on, we saw some top blogs that have really made a mark in the blogging industry. If you look closely you will realize that all these top bloggers have something in common.

They all seem to take time to build their content. Personally, I decided to put to test what these bloggers say works the best and that was to generate epic content. The results have simply been amazing.

The growth of traffic was not so significant but my graph has since grown in the right direction, up. It will take you time to create quality blog content because of the research you need to do. But one thing is undeniable; quality leads to traffic and traffic begets money in your bank account.

Here we are talking of spending up to 8 hours researching and content building for one single post. As you can tell that is not easy work. In fact, the thought of spending 8 hours just coming up with one article will discourage most people.

Now! that is where you will have an upper hand. The price to success is not cheap and many bloggers are not willing to pay the price of success. No wonder when someone steps out to offer quality, success becomes inevitable.

At the top it is so cool and the air is so fresh but getting there is the challenge. Most folks are ok with the status quo thus are not willing to take the big plunge that will take them to the top.

If you make a personal decision to stand out and move from the normal to unique, your competitors will only see dust. All you have to do is go an extra mile. You would be better off posting two articles a week that add value than posting articles daily, yet they leave a lot to be desired.

Where does blog design, branding and making money come in?

We have gone on and on about blog content creation and you may be asking when does the money factor come in? Your blog design is very important but what is the need of having a smashing blog template when you have nothing of value to share.

blogging contentYou can cultivate your field so well but if you have no seed expect zero harvest. The point is this; the heart of your blog should be blog content more than anything else. Once you have the right content the other things will simply fall in place.

Content will ensure you generate quality traffic and as you all know targeted traffic leads to sales conversion. Once you have the money you can employ the services of the best blog designers in the world.

Branding and having a beautiful to look at site is important when it comes to blogging. But all that will be of no benefit if you have no quality content. If you have the cash, you can work on both.

But in case you find that you do not have enough money, work on building blog content. The best way to build a brand name online is proving to your audience that you are out to help them succeed.

The same applies to advertising your site. There is no point of spending hundreds of dollars marketing a blog that has nothing to offer. It will be of more value to you to make sure you convert as many visitors as possible and that is by publishing rich blog content.

Content does not only imply written text, there are other forms of content like videos and still images. If you can, get a good enough camera and take unique pictures to post on your blog.

Apart from images making your site look attractive, they also add certain twists which make your written content more palatable. In addition, you get to generate more organic traffic from search engines through your images.

Ideally, compelling posts market themselves better than paid advertisements. With great blog content you can survive with little or no guest posting. What will happen is that with time people will automatically beg you to post on their blogs.

Conclusion: Are you a thinking of how to start a blog ? Let me first inform you that you have just picked the best work online business ever.

You are way ahead of other folks out there who have been procrastinating on when to start blogging. Go a step further and beat other bloggers in your niche by publishing blog content that not only resonates well with your potential audience but also makes them think.

Make a decision that you will fine tune your writing skills and do thorough research and you will definitely make money blogging. If you implement what this article is recommending, by the end of this year you will thank me for opening your eyes.

Let nothing pull you back, you hold the key to your success in blogging and you can achieve the success by generating quality BLOG CONTENT.

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Since you now have no one to blame, get down to business and come up with content that is worth sharing. It is as simple as that. All the best and let us meet in the top league.

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  1. Content is really important and we must contribute value to our readers.although it is hard to hit that mark,as long
    as actions are taken towards it,we will eventually reach it.

    • That is the way to go Wilson. It is better to give it a shot rather than later saying “I wish I knew”. It is not easy coming up with fresh content on a regular basis. But it is better to pay the price now and in time you will cut a niche for yourself as you work online through blogging. Thank you for your encouragement Wilson.

  2. Hi Steve, thanks for the nice piece. My question is: What if you generate quality content and someone duplicates it in another website without your permission, what should you do? Thanks.

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