A Look At Web Rankings In Google After Webspam Update

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Going by recent events, Google is not going to relent any time soon on their quest to make the internet the home of quality content. SEO marketers have been up in arms to challenge what the Big G is doing but their cries seem to be falling on deaf ears.

Google did not release the Webspam update (Penguin Update) alone, with it came an additional 52 updates and in the process affecting many sites web ranking in Google.

While some people were left with a bitter taste in their mouth due to drop in google web ranking, others were enjoying every moment of it. I know of sites that went up in site ranking by two pages. This is a big leap and it signifies that more than 20 sites in that niche could have been hit by the Penguin Update.

On this blog we have kept on sharing the value of sharing quality content. You might not hit page one on your first post by with time you surely will get there.

Now with this latest update nicknamed Webspam I’m sure you are sitting pretty at the top of search engine results that is if you employ white hat SEO strategies.

One thing that has come out of the penguin algorithm change is the element of fresh content. It is now evident that sites that update regularly will get more attention from Google.

It therefore goes without saying that running a blog is the way to go. If you only operate a website it is time you got in touch with your web developer and pay him/her to incorporate a blog within your website.

These changes in google algorithm reveal the thing I have been saying all alone. A blog is more powerful than a website especially when it comes to web ranking in Google or in any other search engine for that matter.

If you are not in the loop yet on how Penguin Update works, let me fill you in. Towards the end of last year Google released the Google Fresh Update but no big change was witnessed in site rankings.

Penguin update seems to be a follow up to Google Fresh since this time a lot of weight has been given to fresh content. What Google is saying in CAPITAL LETTERs is for web marketers to provide rich content to their readers on regular basis.

This must come as good news to internet users who have been complaining about spam webpages appearing in Google search results. It is obvious that Google’s intention is to push up the web ranking of sites that adhere to their quality guidelines.

You might think that all you need to do is to post content all in the name of improving your web rankings in Google, but that is not the case. The Penguin update has been designed in such a way that the quality of content will also determine your page ranking.

Here are some factors that are set to check quality of content on Google page results:

  1. The parameter that goes with the codename “NoRot” does exactly that, push rotten content down and top quality content at the top of their search results.
  2. Following this update regular updating of your blog is not all you need to do. On top of that you should make sure that your content is of high quality, targeted and more importantly relevant to your niche.

Sites that generate content simply for ranking purposes have their days numbered. Google appears to be formulating their quality assessment based on the major keyword a site is targeting.

The process is set to bring to a stop the publishing of easy content using generic keywords that generate high traffic. In short, if you are in the habit of coming up with easy topics then penguin update together with the 52 updates will rank your site poorly.

ranking of website on google

This is a call for you as an SEO marketer to get down to business and do some more research. In so doing, you will be able to come up with quality content that is rich with insightful information.

You also don’t have to necessarily go for the keywords with high traffic, basically make sure you focus on niche keywords and in the process you will also rank for the top relevant keywords.

But that is not all; there are other factors that webmasters have to consider in view of the recent Google updates.

a)      Gone are the days when multiple pages from the same site appeared on the first page of Google. The Webspam algorithm seems to have finally sorted this out once and for all. It also means that now Google has now got to measure more sites thus bring in the aspect of more competition.

b)      The trend that was becoming prevalent on the internet is stuffing content with keywords. Now that has to end thanks again to the Penguin update. If you care about your site web ranking in Google then toll the line by sharing high quality content. Keywords density has to be below 3% so as not to get hit by the update.

c)      The recent updates have also taken into consideration the issue of anchor text. Webmasters are advised not to link directly using exact keywords. The secret is to use natural text in your hyperlinks. For example, rather than link to a phrase like “Google ranking” use text such as “how to improve your web ranking in Google”. SEO experts also recommend the use of words like “click here” and “read more” which are considered by google as natural.

d)     Your site authority will count when it comes to site ranking. This means the more sites of high quality point at your site, the more the chances of appearing on first page of google. The other aspect relating to authority is social influence. This is a call for posting your links on social sites especially Google Plus. The more people share your content the more authority Google places on your site or webpage.

e)      The playing field is now level considering that ranking of websites using exact keywords is gone. The penguin algorithm is set to rank sites using relevancy of a keyword unlike before when ranking was based on exact keywords. This means the obsession that people had on certain keywords will finally come to an end.

What next for online business entrepreneurs?

The use of money related keywords is gone and you cannot expect to rank in those keywords just because you used them on your site.

Moving into the future, site that will be ranking high will be the ones that post informative updates regularly. And that is not all; the content has to be of high quality to ensure web ranking in Google search results.

Finally, it is high time webmasters went back to the good old days when content was King. Start writing on regular bases and if you can afford it, pay writers to help you generate fresh content.

According to Google, freshness is what they want to bring into their search results. Whether that is counterproductive or not, only time will tell.

Google rules internet search and at the moment they are the ones calling the shots. The rest of us have no choice but to adhere to their set of quality guidelines or find a way to dethrone them from the top. Good luck with that though.

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