How To Generate RSS Feed Reader Traffic

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The work of RSS feed reader is to assist online marketers, webmasters and bloggers pass on information to their target audience. Ideally, your feeds relay information to other computers every time you update your site. (RSS feed is the orange button you see on regularly updated websites or blogs).

As bots communicate, they help search engines pick your content, index it and rank your site. In addition, bots conversations ensure people get to know of your blog publications through RSS feed readers thus help boost your site traffic.

A good example of a site that you can generate site feeds is Feedburner owned by Google. One of the powerful aspects of RSS feed reader is the ability of people subscribing. Anyone that becomes a subscriber to your feeds will automatically be getting email notifications every time you post an article on your site or blog.

The more subscribers you have to your feeds, the higher your visitor loyalty will be. This is because every time you publish a post you will be assured of return visitors. Therefore, to maximize and reap full benefits from your RSS feed reader you need to generate rich and informative content.

People are constantly in search for valuable content and if they find that from your blog, they will quickly subscribe to your RSS feeds in order to be getting your updates as you post. Just as we stated before, that will help you stay in touch with your previous visitors hence increase repeat online sales.

Here are several reasons why you need to include RSS feed reader to be one of your online marketing arsenals:

–          In order to increase the changes of search engines finding, indexing and ranking your site and webpages you need to install RSS feeds. In the process you will generate organic traffic that is targeted.

–          As people subscribe to your feeds, they can easily pass on the email notifications they are going to be getting from your blog updates to their email contacts. This then brings in the aspect of viral marketing that can greatly boost your blog traffic.

–          RSS feed reader creates awareness on your blog and in so doing increase chances of people linking back to your site content. Furthermore, as people get to know of your site or blog they will talk to their friends through word of mouth thus help you in marketing.

–          With feeds you are also able to generate free direct traffic.

The sad part is that most bloggers and webmaster are not harnessing the power of RSS feed marketing. As for those that have installed the feeds, they are not taking full advantage. With proper use of RSS, you can get quality and high volume of backlinks to your site and pages.

If you want to improve your search engine ranking, then one of the ways to do just that is through RSS feed marketing. A big percentage of webmasters do not use RSS thus if you include it in your array of online marketing strategies, you will be ahead of most of your competitors.

RSS Feed readerThings to do and achieve with RSS feed marketing:

  • Validate your RSS feed at least once a week or monthly. Sometimes feeds get broken because of a single rare character. A site you can visit to validate your RSS feed reader for free is Feed Validator.
  • Maybe you are one of those people that don’t love RSS feeds, but if your aim is to generate traffic you have no option but to understand how it works. RSS feed reader is guaranteed to help your small work from home online business to move to the next level.
  • Feed marketing can help you to automatically communicate to social networking sites like facebook and twitter. Social media marketing is gaining popularity at a very fast rate according to Google Ad planner report. RSS feed reader will ease the way you micro-blog.
  • Most people rather than use Feed reader to get email notification when you update your blog, they use Google Reader. Therefore, you can opt to add the Google Reader button on your site to give visitors more options to get your blog updates.
  • There are a few top RSS directories and search engines you can submit your feeds to. This will help you in search engine ranking. Examples of top directories to help you promote your site feeds include Plazoo, RSSmicro, Syndic8, Feedbase, Yahoo RSS guide and so on.
  • Are you thinking of creating an email list and for them to subscribe to your newsletter? RSS feeds can help you to achieve that; as people subscribe to your RSS feed reader, they will be receiving your newsletters in form of your blog posts.
  • In case you are using Feedburner for RSS marketing, you can easily monitor your site traffic. For instance, you can give permission for your Feed burner account to track traffic coming from particular sites like facebook and twitter.

There has been for some time now debate on whether to provide visitors with full feeds or partial feeds. For me that should be left to the discretion of the site owner. But the best practice is to put a setting that allows your site visitors to choose what they want.

Conclusion: Knowing how RSS feed reader works is no big deal. Anyone seeking to learn how feeds operate can do it without much struggle.

Feeds are very critical when it comes to growth of your online home business. In case you are looking to multiply traffic to your blog and increase online sales leads, then you must include feed marketing.

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