Are You Using The Right Search Keyword Tools?

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Yesterday we talked in-depth how to structure your blog for SEO using keyword tools. We saw how you need to come up with a domain name and a title for your blog. The article proved just how wordpress is preferred when it comes to blogging because of the availability of powerful plugins.

As per the comments I got, it is imperative today that we discuss some of the keyword tools that are available.

Content is the key to any search engine optimization ambition. But before you write anything, you need to know what your audiences are searching for. For example, for me to decide to write about the various keyword tools, a comment was posted on one of my posts.

Always seek to identify the pressing issues in your niche and then offer workable solutions. This way you will have a loyal fan base thus make money from home.

There are many keyword tools you can use to determine which terms are best to optimize on, but on this write up we shall look at 8 of them.

1. Keyword Winner: This SEO wordpress plugin was designed by Daniel Lew, one of the top SEO experts in the blogging world today. This is a paid keyword tool that will enable you to come up with targeted keyword terms by a click of a button.

The tool helps you in coming up with competitive and optimized titles. It also among other things assists you to get keyword suggestion that have low competition and high searches thus ensure you rank faster.

If you are serious about making money from blogging then I advise you to get for yourself a copy on the Keyword Winner.

2. Google Analytics: This is one of the most used programs by bloggers. The beauty of it is that apart from it helping you determine which keywords are bringing traffic to your site, it is free to install.

Google analytic helps you to track your traffic sources, page views, maps, bounce rate and most importantly, keywords bring traffic to your site.

My advice to bloggers starting a blog is that you need to have a google analytic account. This way you will be able to know which keywords are getting you more traffic hence optimize on them some more.

With Google analytic you will also be able to know which search engines are bringing you more traffic. This helps you identify which search engines you need to optimize your blog for and thus get traffic from them too.

3. Google Webmaster Tool: With this keyword tool you are able to see the impressions your site gets and the number of clicks. Impressions means the number of times your blog shows up on search results as people browse the internet.

Once you have an account with Google Webmaster tool, which if free, you will also get to see on which page your site appears on Google and with which keywords.

The tool can really assist you identify which pages on your blog need more SEO help to rank better. When you know the blog posts that need help you can decide to add more backlinks hence attract more organic traffic.

Ideally, it will be better to concentrate on pages that need just a little boost to get more traffic instead of coming up with new webpages.

There are other addition statistics you can view using this keyword tool and they include crawling errors, site map and sites linking to your pages. Of all the tools, this is a must have keyword tool.

4. Google Suggest: You will note that every time you start typing on the Google search box you get other suggestions. This is a very powerful keyword tool you can use to identify other related keywords to optimize on.

find longtail keyword

The tool was added to ensure that users get what they are searching for much faster. Ideally, the more people search for a certain term the more likely it will appear on Google suggest. Some think that this tool can be subject to manipulation but that is still debatable.

If you note carefully, after you have done a search for a common keyword, there are other related keywords that appear at the bottom of the search results. These are also other suggestions you can use to determine what to write about.

5. Yahoo Answers: It has been noted that most searches conducted on the internet are inform of questions. This shows you that people are in need of solutions to their problems.

This is the main reason that expert bloggers suggest that when you offer people educative content, earning income from home will be easy. One place you can go to and get to know the issues being faced by people in your niche is on Yahoo answers.

All you need to do is enter related keyword terms in your niche and you will see the questions being posed on that particular topic. The results will normally be the most asked questions in your niche.

Armed with these results, you can easily choose topics to write about and thus offer insight.

6. Wordtracker Keyword Tool: This keyword tool is effective for people seeking to launch a new blog or website. The tool collects it data from Meta Crawler, Yahoo and of course Dogpile.

With this free tool it is easy to get keyword phrases that are commonly search for and also the ones that are less searched for but still can bring you good traffic.

7. Google Keyword Tool: The first thing I do when I put on my computer is open the Google Keyword Tool. This should tell you that it is one of the most used keyword tool in the blogging sphere.

Longtail Keywords Google-keyword-tool

With this tool you are able to gather the estimated number of searches per month for certain keywords. Ideally, the tool was designed to help marketers who use Google Adwords (a (PPC) pay per click advertising strategy).

Google Keyword tool helps you to also see the level of competition for particular keywords thus help you choose which key terms to target and hence rank faster.

The tool is able to filter searches in terms of countries and languages. It is also advisable that you use the exact match and broad match when determining which keywords to target.

8. Google Trends And Google Hot Trends: In case you want to know which are the hottest and latest keywords then google trends is the tool to use.

Studies have shown that about 25% of the searches done daily on the internet are new. Therefore, for you to know this searches you need to use Google Trends.

Here you will also be able to see search results according to language and countries.

There other Keyword tool similar to Google Trends is Google Insight Tool.

These are just some of the top Keyword tools that you can use to come up with content on your blog. Note: keywords are composed of 3 segments.

a. Major keywords: This are the terms that have one phrase.  e.g twitter, work, marketing and so on.

b. Body keyword phrases: Good examples are terms like twitter marketing, online marketing, work online, and so forth

c. Long tail keywords: These are the keyword phrases that contain more than 4 words. A case in point is search terms like work online from home jobs, online marketing case studies and so on.

Now that you are armed on how to get keywords to target on you blog, go out there and start earning income from home with ease.

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