Search Marketing Techniques To Adopt As You Work Online

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For people who work online through blogging or website promotion, search marketing is critical. The reason for this is because search engines offer a great source for generating online targeted traffic.

Considering that Google is the top search engine, it goes without saying that every webmaster will seek to rank well on Google.  That is why every blog or video that google post about search marketing or algorithm change will be read or viewed with lots of enthusiasm or sometimes with despair.

Enthusiasm is for the folks who use white hat strategies, while despair is from the guys who use underhand tactics to rank. Search engine bots are getting more advanced by the day hence people who use short cuts are slowly been thrown in the sand box.

Some few months ago Google posted a 3 minute video where Matt was saying that Googlebot do not consider spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in site search engine positioning. Click here to watch the video.

I don’t know what this means to you, but for me I would take such information with a pinch of salt. Google has a way of making webmasters chase after shadows thus you need to be very careful. Some search marketers must have touched the ceiling with joy to hear that google cannot tell the difference between grammatically correct articles and those with grammatical errors.

There are webmasters who in the name of generating backlinks to their site will distribute useless content. It may sound great that your link profile can grow using garbage content, but for how long do you think Googlebots will maintain the status quo?

You never know when the next Panda update will be and this time round be able to tell the difference between useless and valuable content.

Backlinks are so vital in search marketing but that does not mean you should not care how you build them. You will be better off back linking with quality content rather than garbage.

Google through Matt stated that grammatical errors and spelling mistakes are not considered when ranking websites. That does not signify that Googlebots don’t measure the link power/juice that is passed on from a webpage.

Let us assume that for now google algorithm is incapable of telling the quality of content on a page. You still have need to backlink using quality content for these reasons:

Human aspect: Do not forget that your search marketing success is determined by your overall SEO promotional strategies. Every page pointing to your site acts as a salesman or an advertisement. You do not want to appear like you have employed phony salesmen or using useless advertising to market your high profile business.

Remember that soon enough some of your visitors will get to know how you got to rank high. If you used black hat strategies you will lose your online reputation. Nobody will wants to buy products from a phony person.

Search engines will not be the ones buying your products but rather its human beings. Therefore, make sure that your overall search marketing techniques are above board. If you want to be in business for the long haul, then use the right search marketing strategies. Do not forfeit your online reputation by back linking to useless content.

Engine spiders are machines hence they are limited when it comes to full assessment of your site and back links. But when you start ranking high, Google calls into action their human reviewers to critically analyze your content and link profile.

If you have back linked using garbage content, you can be sure that it will not take long before you get your site in the sand box. It is good to note that the higher your site ranks the more the chances that human reviewers will be assigned to your site for appraisal.

Technological advancement: If there is one thing you can bet that google is doing right now is to try and improve their Googlebots. Google has employed some of the best programmers in the world and for sure they will soon crack the code that can detect garbage content.

search marketingJust talk to the guys who were hit by the Google Panda update, and you may have second thoughts in trying to use short cuts to rank. 2011 claimed its SEO victims, come 2012 and you will sure see sites going down and some coming up. Where would you rather be positioned?

Kindly, for anyone seeking to generate SEO traffic you would be better off adopting white hat search marketing techniques. Click here to subscribe to my RSS feed for quality SEO marketing strategies.

Competition: This may also be classified the same as point number 1 since your competitors are human beings. Once you enter the online business world you have to contend with competition.

As you begin to climp up the ladder you will expose yourself to your competition since you will be taking away some of their earnings. In order to cut you down, some of your competitors will begin analyzing your site to see what search marketing strategies you used to get to the top.

It will be unfortunate for you if you are using underhand strategies to rank high. Your competitors will quickly report your site to Google as distributing spammy backlinks. As more people report your site a human reviewer will be called in and if the reports are true you are doomed.

Why you need to use white hat search marketing strategies

It is true that building your link profile is not easy and it’s even more time consuming if you are generating backlinks using quality content. The process might be slow but the day you will reach the top no one will be able to demote you.

Take time to proofread the articles that you are submitting to article directories and make certain they are readable and of high quality. It may seem tiring for now but for the sake of your online home based business, you better do what Google recommends.

Summary: There are two things that search engine marketers need to seriously ponder on. When it gets to search marketing the one thing that will remain constant is change. Therefore, stop chasing after the Google algorithm changes and stick to quality content creation and white hat backlink building techniques.

The next thing that SEO marketers need to realize is that Googlebots are not all knowing as they would want people to believe. Google will forever insist on sharing half truths about their ability just to make you cling to their every word.

But having said all that, the relationship between search marketers and engine bots are dependent on each other. Bloggers and webmaster provide content that help the internet to grow while on the other hand search engines reward the best content with visibility.

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