Why Generating SEO Analysis Reports Is Very Important

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An integral component of working online from home through blogging or operating a website is SEO analysis. It is a proven fact that for you to make money online through blogging you must think of search engines optimization.

It is true that there are many ways of earning income online but the best approach is having a website or blog. The beauty of it is that it’s a work online part time basis venture and you get to create a one stop shop for all you have to offer.

But there are some questions you need to ask yourself; If SEO is part of your marketing campaign, can you measure or do a proper SEO analysis of your site? Do you know how to measure the progress of your site in terms of traffic and conversion?

The thought that SEO analysis is something only performed by SEO companies is misplaced. You too as a webmaster or blogger must on a regular basis gather an SEO report to monitor your site progress. On this write up we shall look at some of the parameters you need to measure and the tools you need.

Measure your site or blog structure: There are SEO analysis tools that can help you generate a detailed report of your entire site structure. The details include SEO reports on your homepage, individual webpages and subpages performance.

Collecting data of this nature is like analyzing your site architecture. Here you will get to know problems that your site could be having which include broken links, website coding errors, server glitches, 404 errors and so on.

Site structure is important data to collect since it greatly affects your site placement on search engine result pages. The best approach is to regularly analysis your site structure since you never know when something may go wrong. One of the best SEO analysis tools to help you perform this task is Web CEO.

Measure your site attributes: Some of the site attributes that need to be analyzed include your web content, site structure, link popularity, placement for your targeted keywords on search engines and measure to see if your SEO campaigns goals are been achieved.

It is critical for you to measure your onsite optimization as well as your external optimization. Get an SEO analysis tool that will tell you the right place to position your keywords within your content and the right sites to backlink to.

Web CEO is an amazing tool that web owners need to have in order to properly optimize their content. The tool will also help bloggers monitor what their competitors are doing.

The advantage of using an SEO analysis tool is that with just a single click of a button, you will get a detailed SEO report of your site and also for your competitors.

Here are some SEO reports you can collect when you use Web CEO:

Helps you to do keyword research thus target only profitable and high quality keyword phrases. Keywords research reports will include number of traffic, level of competition and search volume results. Another tool to help you do quality keyword research is the Keyword Winner.

Web CEO will display for you a detailed Site Audit Report. This is good especially for new websites since it will help you measure your site structure and content before you begin site optimization.

You will be able to collect a report of your site backlinks. It is important to know your inbound links and their quality. This way you can filter out the backlinks that are not of high value hence improve your link profile.

With Web CEO you will gather SEO analysis report regarding your competitors’ websites or blogs. Using keywords, you can easily know where you rank compared to your competitors. It is advisable to compare your ranking with your competitors on different search engines.

Help you to know some high quality and profitable keywords within your niche that you are missing out on. For example with the Keyword Winner you will get suggestions of other keyword phrases you might not have thought about.

You can also use Google Suggest which is free.

Remember to also generate a report of your competitors’ backlinks. With this SEO analysis report you will be able to

-Monitors how your competitors are fairing on over a certain time frame.

-Learn your competitors’ internal and external optimization strategies.

web CEOMeasure your site bounce rate, Traffic, and Conversion Rates: As much as you want to rank high on search engines and generate high volume of traffic, you need to also measure your return on investment (ROI).

A good web SEO analysis tool should reveal to you other parameters like visitor loyalty, bounce rate and return visitors. These are parameters that help you to increase your site conversion rate. Therefore, as you monitor your site placement on search engines, you need to also track your bounce rate and conversion rate.

With a detailed SEO analysis report on bounce rate and conversion rate, you will be in a position to see if the keywords you are ranking on attract the right targeted visitors and if they pay off.

A free tool to use to get this kind of SEO analysis is Google Analytic.

Measure your ranking progress: It can be quite tasking doing an SEO report on your site ranking manually. Since having a graph is the best way to monitor your progress over a period of time, it is best to automate the whole process.

In addition, it can get even more challenging if you are generating a report manually of your ranking using different keywords. Here is where SEO analysis tools like Web CEO can come in handy. With Web CEO you can generate and track your site ranking report automatically.

The advantage of getting a virtual SEO ranking report is that it will show you how you are fairing on all your targeted keywords, on one graph by a click of a button.

Collect new keyword phrases: Analyzing your SEO campaigns will help you to see which other keywords you can seek to rank on. This calls for you to use quality SEO analysis tools that will suggest to you quality keywords that bring targeted traffic.

Summary:  Generating an SEO report is a perfect way of knowing which keywords you are ranking on and how they are attracting traffic. With such a report, you can know the keywords that you are ranking for on page 1 but not generating good traffic.

Also see keywords that you are ranking on page 2 and still generating traffic hence work on them to rank on page 1.

Having an SEO analysis report will help you see which anchor texts your competitors are using thus offer your better insight on the text to use in your hyperlinks or anchor text.

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