11 Excellent SEO Tips For Product Based Sites

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One of the best ways to create awareness of your site and products is through search engines. That is why it is important for every online marketer to learn SEO tips that will help them promote their products.

You can create a blog that is so impressive and have the best products in the world, but without traffic all your efforts will amount to nothing. That is why you need to equip yourself with SEO tips that will ensure you attract traffic.

Search engine optimization sounds like a complicated term for most people but with the right guidance anyone can succeed in marketing on search engines. On this article we shall look at SEO tips that will help you in promoting an e-commerce site.

Even though SEO strategies are the same across the board, there are some unique challenges that product based websites face. A blog will rank higher than an e-commerce site because with a blog, content is generated repeatedly.

In order to contend with bloggers and webmasters in your niche you need to up your game. Remember, making money online is about attracting traffic. To source for leads you will need to apply different marketing strategies which include social sharing, SEO tactics, article marketing and so on.

As your leads and prospects increase, so will the number of customers and sales volume to your online store raise. So, here you are with your well stocked online shop with the best products in the market, how do you leverage your site to generate SEO organic traffic?

Below are the top SEO tips to employ and thus stay ahead of your competitors. Some of them may look simple but you will surprised very few webmasters actually implement these strategies. This is an indication that if you follow these SEO guidelines you will beat your competitors hands down.

Now let us get down to business and discuss the 10 best SEO tips to apply on a product based website:

1. Content: It is prudent when discussing SEO tips to begin with content. The overall objective of creating the internet was to share content. That is why any site that publishes quality information will always remain at the top of search engine listings.

Most e-commerce websites fail to take off because the owners just display their wares and expect visitors to come rolling in with their credit cards in hand. They forget that search engines have to be given reason to bring people to their site.

In addition, when prospects land on your online store you also need to give them a reason to purchase your products. Here is where content comes into play. Do not upload images of your wares and fail to provide customers with details about your products.

Below is an example of a product based template that can help you to fully optimize your product description.

SEO Tips

If you are an affiliate marketer, avoid adding the same content that is on your affiliate company site. Search engines give more preference to sites that offer unique content. Try and give your own product description and avoid copy pasting content from the manufacturer’s site.

Any webpage that has quality and unique content will not only get the attention of search engines, it will also help you in turning your visitors into loyal customers. Telling your target audience what to do (call to action), is one of the ways of getting people to use their credit cards on your online store.

It seems like yesterday when Panda came calling. The aim of google was to get rid of sites that were ranking high and had worthless content. The Google famer update or otherwise Panda update sort to give more preference to sites with original and unique content.

Of all SEO tips and recipes you will read about on the net, posting quality information is for sure the number one ingredient. Though some SEO experts claim that Google is slowly moving away from giving preference to content, the one thing you can never go wrong with is content generation.

Why? Because, of the more that 200 signals that search engines consider when ranking sites, originality of content is No: 1. There are more than 4 billion searches done on google alone, what if a fraction of that traffic came to your online store? You will without a doubt laugh all the way to the bank.

2. Deal with duplicate content: Most e-commerce sites in a bind to help visitors navigate with ease, categorize using several parameters. These include product images, prices, product description and product rating.

As much as this is favorable to your target audience it can turn out to hurt your site ranking. Ideally, categorizing in the above mentioned manner leads to multiple pages with similar content.

We have just read about farmer updates and its preference of unique content. Therefore, multiple webpages with same information within a single site will definitely lower your SEO rankings.

The ideal thing to do if you have made the mistake of sorting and ended up with duplicate content is to inform Google using the webmaster tool.  Also read the SEO tips that discusses about how to optimize your menu/categories (SEO tip number 8).

3. Link to related products and webpages within your site: Of all SEO tips, on site optimization is one of the best and easy to implement. The secret is to link products using targeted keywords within the anchor text.

Applying your keywords in your anchor text will ensure search engines crawl all your web pages and thus index and rank them according. The words you use in your anchor text are thus very important, they help search engines to also know what your products and pages are all about.

In addition, links within your content help retain visitors on your site. People like clicking on links and the more your links take visitors to relevant pages or products the higher your conversion rate will be. It boosts conversion rate by increasing the odds of your targeted customers getting exactly what they are looking for.

4. Optimize your webpage URLs: This is one of the SEO tips that really help in SEO ranking. A close observation of sites that rank high on search engine results reveals that top sites fully optimize their URLs.

As you add your targeted keywords with your products description, you should also do the same to your webpage links. Let us take a scenario where you have created a page with the targeted keyword phrase as SEO optimization, the best way to formulate your page URL is: http://www.example.com/SEO-optimization.

By doing the above you help search engine bots recognize what your web page is all about. This will ensure you generate targeted organic traffic to your online store.

But if you omitted your keywords in your page URL and came up with a link reading like this; http//www.example.com/174 search engines will not know the content contained in that page.

Apart from this SEO tip helping you optimize your site, it also informs your targeted audiences what to expect once they click on the page link. Soon we will publish a detailed article on how to fully optimize your URL.

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Note: The choice of domain name is also very important. SEO experts highly recommend buying domain names that contain your major keyword phrase.

5. Build on your site link popularity: Whenever SEO tips are discussed the first is content creation then it is followed closely with link popularity also referred to as building backlinks.

The fact that search engines can’t read content on your site thus measure the authority of your site, they rely on others sites to help them gauge. Therefore, the more sites that point to your site and products the higher search engines will rank you.

But for you to benefit fully from your backlinks, the links have to come from sites with relevant and quality content. For example, if your website is selling flower products, it is better for you when websites and blogs dealing with gardening linking back than a site selling sportswear.

The best way to get quality backlinks is to publish captivating and unique content. People will easily link back to content that will add value to their readers. Take time to come up with products description and blog content that educates and other webmasters will automatically link back to you.

SEO tips

Here are two SEO tips that will help you create quality backlinks:

a) Article marketing: For a long time now article marketing has been the ideal tactic of boosting SEO value. Pick at least 10 to 15 top article directories and submit unique articles. Make certain you optimize your author resource box by using targeted key terms in your anchor text.

To make certain your articles rank higher thus boost your SEO ranking, publish article with a word count of about 600 words. Avoid publishing the same article in different article directories. Submit unique articles in every article directory.

This way you will increase your SEO profile thus rank higher on search engines result pages. Click here to and watch a video on the power of article marketing.

b) Blogging: If you have a product based website the best way to add content is to incorporate a blog. When you compare all SEO tips, the most significant is content creation.

The fact that a blog is interactive and thus has to be update frequently, it will help you rank for more keywords. This will ensure you get targeted traffic from search engines since spiders will be coming severally to crawl and index you fresh content.

Follow this link and get more information about blogging.

6. Identify what your target customers are looking for: As regards online selling there is nothing as invaluable as knowing what your target audience want. This is both in terms of keyword usage and products to sell.

Earlier we mentioned how describing your products is critical since it will help you generate organic traffic. But it is even more important to include your targeted keywords within your product description.

These calls for keyword research thus discover the words people use when searching for certain products. On top of that, another vital SEO tip is to settle for keywords that target specific regions or keywords that are less competitive.

By doing the above you will rank faster on search engine results. To get more in depth knowledge on how to do keyword research read Keyword Research That Guarantee You Rank High.

Some tools that will help you to do keyword research include Google Keyword tool, Keyword Discovery and Keyword Winner.

7. Add social icons: Right now any products based website that is not taking advantage of social media sites is losing out on a lot. Apart from attracting direct traffic from social sites, sharing your links also helps boost your SEO profile.

An example of a plugin you can install if you are using wordpress is Sharebar. If you look at the left side of this blog you will notice there are social buttons you can click on to share this article.

When adding share buttons it is recommended you make sure they are easy to find. For a product based site, placing social icons just below the product is advisable. This is where people get to visit the most as they read the prices and description of a product.

8. Optimize your categories/menu: One of the greatest opportunities you will ever have to optimize any site is through the categories section. Therefore as you work on the menu bar, add categories that are keyword based.

For example, if you have an e-commerce site selling clothes you can have categories like winter fashions, summer designs and so on. Make sure you use tools like Google Keyword Tools to determine the best keywords to use.

It will also be to your advantage to create categories using long tail keywords. This will ensure you attract targeted SEO leads who are more likely to become your customers.

Furthermore, use of broad based keywords in your menu helps ease navigation of your site thus finding products will be much easier. As a result, conversion rate will be higher.

9. Gather testimonials: For a product based site there is nothing as invaluable as testimonials from your satisfied customers in regards to sales conversion. Besides, products reviews are pieces of content that will help you further increase your SEO profile.

Testimonials helps your readers learn more about your products before hand thus will ensure you boost your online sales. As you can see, product testimonial is one of the SEO tips that help you rank on SERPs and at the same time turn your visitors to loyal customers.

Therefore, create an avenue where your customers can post their reviews. Go a step further and tell your clients to leave their comments about the products they have purchased. Though some comments may be negative, you can use such comments to improve your products.

10. Monitor your competitors’ activities: As much as webmasters do not like competition, this is the one aspect that helps businesses grow. You may be asking; how is this related to important SEO tips? You will see how in just a few seconds.

Monitoring what your competitors are doing helps you to find out keywords that are less competitive that you didn’t know about. In addition, you will be up to date with the best products to sell on your online store.

Online success is about knowing what is happening within your niche. To keep yourself updated with events in your niche subscribe to top sites through email or RSS feed.

Reading content from different site helps you gain expertise on how to come up with better sales copies and product descriptions. Your sales copy may not be the best for now but make sure that with time you improve how you write online by reading widely.

11. Track the keywords bring traffic to your site and products: Monitoring the keywords attracting traffic to your site is also one of the invaluable SEO tips. This helps you to know the keywords that you rank high for thus focus on them some more.

You will also see the key terms directing traffic to your site that you have not targeted. Once you note such keywords, you can optimize on them by including them in your product description.

As you track the keywords, try to also identify the regions that your visitors are coming from. This will help you in researching and getting region based long tail keywords thus further boost traffic and conversion rate.

Conclusion: If you implement these SEO tips and guidelines, you can be assured of generating meaningful traffic from search engines to your online store.

Take time to follow the links within this article since they will lead you to other related topics that will help you better optimize your e-commerce site.

Is there something you want to add or ask, feel free to leave your comments relating to SEO tips in the section provide below.

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