Social Bookmarking In Boosting Your Online Income

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Anytime you save a website in the aim of visiting it again you are practicing bookmarking. Have you ever forwarded a web link to your friends through email? Then again you have participated in social bookmarking.

When you tag a website on your web browser with the intention of viewing it another time you are bookmarking but when it comes to social bookmarking, you save a website or web pages on another public website for other people to view it. This is a good way of sharing stuff with other people and more so in building backlinks to your site.

Most of public website where you can bookmark websites allow you to add tags which are keywords based thus assisting you in search engine optimization. Whenever people visit bookmarking sites they search for content by entering keywords, therefore it is imperative you tag your pages with relevant key terms. With that you will get people clicking on your bookmarks thus generate referral page views.

Some of the best social bookmarking sites include Digg, Stumple Upon, Reddit, Delicious, Technocrati and Furl among others. If you are an online marketer then it is advisable to visit some of these sites and open an account. Here you can post your webpages and tag them with relevant key tags. To easy the process of submitting your links on all these news bookmarking sites is to use a site like

On these bookmarking site viewers can get to see who has posted a bookmark thus it is good opportunity to socialize with people in your niche. It also means that you should post relevant content and links so as to draw your targeted audience.

News bookmarking sites are like a work online community where you can search for content within your niche market and make connection with folks in the same line of business as you.

It has been noted that site promotion is about integrating different internet marketing strategies to ensure you get online visibility. Therefore, as you implement other online advertising methods like article marketing, video marketing, social marketing and blogging, also add social bookmarking as one of your website marketing arsenals.

Here are the benefits of social bookmarking to webmasters working online from home.

Gathering or collecting content: Websites involved in bookmarking are like small search engines where you can browse for information. This means, if you need to learn new things that are taking place within your niche, you can do that on news bookmarking sites.

Browsing for stuff on search engines can be quite tasking and in most cases you may not get what you are really looking for. But on bookmarking websites you get to narrow down your search.

For instance, if you are searching for topics on best internet affiliate programs, you can do your search on bookmarking sites and you will come up with just a few results. Since people vote on the best bookmarks you will get to know which links to follow to get quality content.

In addition, news bookmarking sites usually display the current and popular news on their home pages hence it is easy to know what is happening in your niche or in the world.

From this it is clear to see that what started out as a way to sharing websites and content with pals has now turned out to be a small social search engine.

Online visibility: If there is one thing that will ensure you obtain views thus make money fast is gaining online presence. Even as you build your online brand on internet business forums, blogging communities and social media site, you also need to promote your business on social bookmaking sites.

The further you cast your net the more chances of getting noticed faster and building your online visibility. Ensure you share quality stuff that will be beneficial to the people you want to be your target audience. Read and research a lot then go ahead and publish insightful content to help build your reputation.

All said and done, providing rich content is the secret to gaining credibility online thus be considered a guru in your industry. With a good online reputation making sales will be like a walk in the park.

inbound links

Link popularity

: For many years now search engines have been a source of generating online business sales leads. It is therefore vital that you know how to tap into this rich resource so as to earn income online.

One of the ways to rank high on search engines is to provide content. This will ensure engine robots provide your site to browsers. But for your site to be found faster you need to add backlinks to your site. Among the techniques of boosting your link popularity is definitely posting your web pages permalinks on web bookmarking sites.

Since on social bookmarking sites content and links are been added all the time, engine spiders tend to crawl these sites very frequently thereby increasing the chances of your site or blog been found and indexed quickly.

The secret is to register in high ranking bookmark sites; this will help boost your search engine listing. Mainly because search engine prefer when your blog or website gets inbound links from high quality sites.

Business connections: As earlier mentioned, bookmarking sites are perfect places to meet new people. Long gone are the days when doing business was all about pushing products on peoples’ faces. Nowadays, it is all about connecting to the right people and building business relationships with them.

This is the same reason that social media marketing has become a great tool of building your online brand thus promoting your products and services. Savvy online business individuals who are making money online at home have discovered that to link up with the right people is by visiting social networks and bookmarking websites.

From this write up it is obvious to see that the internet is really rich and it is time we all searched for ways to harness this potential. Stop complaining about your salary while you can start working online at your own free time and draft your own pay check.

You just require a simple blog and then slowly build traffic, within no time you will have a fan base and that is when you will know making money at home is easy.

Social bookmarking is just one of the many ways to getting free website traffic, but to learn more strategies of promoting your website or blog follow the links below.

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