Rules Of Becoming A Successful Affiliate Marketer

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Sometimes the dilemma that faces affiliate marketers is not traffic generation but sales conversion. It takes tact and skill to be able to attract leads to your site, but is also requires the same to turn your prospects into customers.

On this article we want to address some vital underlining issues concerning selling online. We shall seek to answer important questions like:

*How inviting are your ads in order to make your potential customers click on them?

*Is it possible to increase online affiliate sales?

*Are you using the right strategies of generating online traffic?

*How to write online thus convert visitors into customers?

It is possible to have 1000 visitors to your site everyday and still fail to make any affiliate sales. This is an indication that traffic generation is not the only thing that will make you a successful affiliate marketer.

In case you are attracting high traffic to your site but your conversion rate is still low, you need to reconsider your approach of traffic generation. Ask yourself if the traffic coming to your site is relevant or not.

Directing high traffic is good but you would be better off if the traffic was targeted. This brings us to:

Rule #1: Nature of content on your website, your affiliate sales page or email sales letter

As an affiliate marketer you need to define your audience. You cannot expect to make sales if your content is about Real Estate and your visitors are looking for sportswear. That is like trying to sell winter clothes during summer.

Considering that you will seek to generate traffic from search engines, it is important to use the right keywords. It is best to select long tail keywords since the visitors will be more targeted.

As an affiliate marketer, for you to ensure that visitors take the right action, which is to purchase your affiliate products, you need to assess the sales copy of your affiliate company.

A good sales copy should list the features of products or services on offer. In addition, the sales letter should state the advantages and what benefit customers will derive from purchasing the product or service.

Remember that your visitors don’t really care to know who you are in order to make a purchase. All customers are looking for is how a product is going to be beneficial to them.

The moment you make customers see that there is something in it for them; you will have succeed as an affiliate marketer.

Tell your potential customers how you first benefited from using the product. Give an account of how the product or service has improved your life. This way you will be showing your commitment to the product thus touching on your customers emotions.

Note: Stating the features and advantages of a product is good but not enough to convince people to buy. You have to go a step further and define the benefits customers will get from the product.

What is the difference between a feature and an advantage?

While a feature shows what a product can do, an advantage tells customers why a product is better compared to other similar products or services.

Knowing the difference between the two is what will define your success as an affiliate marketer.

In case you have an email list, you also should make sure that the sample emails on the affiliate site is well structured. This means it should tell your contacts the benefits of the product you are selling to them.

When it comes to selling, studies have shown that people do not buy what they need but rather buy what they want. Therefore, learn the preference of your target audience so as to satisfy their wants.

Stroke your visitors’ emotions using your content is the secret of selling online. If you can touch the emotions of your readers then you will have succeeded in affiliate marketing.

affiliate marketerRule #2: How to increase your sales conversion as an affiliate marketer

Here you are and you have managed to bring in visitors to your site but the sales conversion is low. The best approach to boost your sales is to view your audience as friends.

For your online marketing campaigns to be effective, you should place more emphasis of providing knowledge. Stuffing your articles with keywords will only contribute to low bounce rate since your content will not be readable.

The days when keywords where the best way to rank high are gone. This changed when the panda algorithm update came into effect. Therefore, focus more on providing insightful and quality content that will communicate well to your target audience.

It does not mean you stop all together using keywords within your content. The secret is to add your keyword phrases only where they fit. This include in your title and within your article where it is absolutely necessary.

Nowadays, search engines are also intelligent enough to tell when you use varying keywords. Hence to avoid boring your readers by mentioning one phrase over and over again, you can use alternative words.

For example, if your keyword phrase is affiliate marketing you can vary by using associate advertising, affiliate marketer, marketing with affiliates and so on.

If you can publish an article where readers cannot tell you have repeated some words and still rank high on search engines, then you are on your way to increasing your sales volume.

Traffic generating is key for affiliate marketers, but what is the point if you cannot covert prospects into loyal fans or customers.

Therefore, find a way to convey messages that will touch the emotions of your readers. Besides, it is better to view your site visitors as friends rather than people you want to sell to.

Rule #4: Increasing your click through rate

There is nothing as inviting as adding images within your content. Studies have proven that people like clicking on pictures especially if the images are attractive.

As you pick affiliate products to promote on your site, select the ones that have captivating banners. For example, people tend to click images which display someone’s face. They will even click more if the face is looking at them.

In case the person’s in the image is looking at a different direction, ensure you add your affiliate links at the direction the person is facing.

You also need to place your banners strategically. Banners that display within the content and at the side bar really work well. It is advisable to place your side bar on the right.

This is because most people are right handed and they tend to place the cursor on the right whenever they are browsing.

Rule #3: Call to action:

Traffic to your site is great and your content is convincing to make even the hard to sell to customer want to buy what you have to offer. The next thing you need to do is know how to close a sale.

Some customers will need a little push so as to dish out their credit cards. This involves making sure your potential customers take action NOW and not tomorrow.

Do not get me wrong, it does not mean adding hard selling statements which most of the time will repel people from buying. Instead, tell your prospects why they have to take advantage of what you have to offer right away.

Many are the times when you come across shops with messages hanging on the door saying “50% sales discount while stocks last”. In a way, this is indirectly saying; if you don’t buy NOW you will pay more for the same product.

Making your visitors see the need to buy now and save some money is one of the best ways of ensuring they take action.

Recap: For you to be successful as an affiliate marketer, you have to know how to turn your prospects into customers.

Attracting traffic to your website or blog is not the only thing needed to make affiliate sales. There are other important things to consider like the sales letter contained in your affiliate site.

What this means, you have to carefully pick the right affiliate companies to work with. Check out their banners and sales copy to make sure they are attractive and convincing.

If you read a sales copy and you don’t feel compelled to buy, then the same will happen to your site visitors.

Affiliate marketing is easy but only if you use the right approach.

On this article we have talked of 4 rules you need to follow to become a better affiliate marketer. In case you have other strategies to help people succeed in affiliate marketing, share them with us in the comment section provided below.

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