10 Reasons Why You’re Not The Top Dog Blogger In Your Niche

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Are you wondering why for the last 5 years you have never realized any positive results from your blog? Today, you will learn why.

In all spheres of life you need to know how to play the game. No one becomes successful by just sitting down and hoping for the best.

The top bloggers you see today paid a price to get to where they are. They figured out the rules of the game and strategized how to beat their competition.

In this write-up we shall see 10 common mistakes that are preventing you from becoming a top blogger. The beauty of it is that you can re-strategize and find your blog joining the top league:

Let us get started:

1: First impressions: Working on your blog appearance is very important if you are ever to be considered as an authority in your niche.

When it comes to appearance your blog design is not the only thing you need to work on. You also have to make sure your content is of the highest quality.

In addition, readers decided if they will read your post depending on how you construct your first paragraph. Therefore, the first two lines in your articles have to be catchy.

Note: Remember to include your target keywords in the first paragraph to make certain search engines know what your post is all about.

2: Inconsistency: From the word go you have to meet the expectations of your readers. You might be having just two readers a day but it is from the two that you will be able to make your blog go viral and thus increase your readership.

If you decide that you will be posting 2 articles a week make sure you stick to the schedule. There is nothing as disappointing when you fail to deliver to your readers’ expectation.

Apart from keeping to your schedule, your content has to be of top standard. Posting a smashing article today and the following week submitting an article that does not meet the standards expected, that may affect your blog’s growth.

To be a top blogger you have to keep on delivering week in week out. It would be better you write one post a week but make sure it blows the mind of your readers. In this way you will gain the confidence of your fan thus improve your online reputation and presence.

3: Lack of taking a stand: In the blogging world you need to stand out in order to leave a mark. Sometimes you will have to go against the grain and share what you stand for though it might be the view of the majority.

If there is an issue of which you hold a different opinion always be ready to speak out. But remember, you need to have your facts right. If your facts are misplaced then you risk your blog been thrown to the gutter.

Don’t shy away from presenting your facts though they might be different from what is thought the norm. Sometimes being confrontational is what you need to join the league of top dog bloggers.

The advantage of standing to your principles is that you will gain respects from unexpected quarters. Within no time your blog will be on the lips of everyone in your niche and beyond.

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4: Not connecting with the right people: If you want to be a millionaire then you have to hang out with millionaires. It is also obvious you cannot expect to be a pilot if you hang out with sweepers.

It is not that I have anything against been a sweeper it all depends on what you want to be in life. If you observe people who are in farming, you will notice they hang around others farmers and most of their conversations will be centered on crops.

Do you want to be a top blogger? You know what you need to do. Get to know where bloggers spend most of their time and join the club. Register with online forums in your niche and ask questions. Soon you will learn a thing or two which will take you to the top.

5: Not putting your priorities right: One thing about top bloggers is that they know how to prioritize. This means you need to have a plan on how to move your blog to the top.

For example, you cannot expect to open a twitter account and yet you don’t have a place you can take your fans. You first need to have a place you call home which in this case should be your blog.

To be successful in blogging you need to first identify what you are good at then start to blog on that topic. Once you have built your blog then you can begin working on driving traffic.

What is the point of attracting thousands of visitors to a blog which has nothing to offer? Hence generate content first then you can go out and call people to the party.

6: You think it is your right to be considered a top blogger: Just because you are a good writer or your blog design makes jaws drop, don’t assume you will automatically get to the top.

Successful blogging is a combination of many elements. You need to come up with a good recipe for your blog to be seen as an authority site.

Yes, it is true you have to be a good writer to succeed in blogging but there are other things involved in blogging. To earn the right to be a top blogger you have to know how to market your blog online. Click here to learn more about marketing online.

The bloggers who are in the top league did not get there by sitting pretty and hoping people will notice them. Not at all, they went out of their way to make sure they got noticed. You have to read point number 10 to see how they did it.

7: Not looking up to the bloggers who have already made it big: Do not reinvent the wheel. This is a common adage that you too need to consider.

One of the best ways to get to the top is by observing the people at the top. This will help you to avoid the mistakes they did on their way to the top.

Know where they spend time, get backlinks and traffic from. This will make your way to the top much easier.

Also, get a mentor and make sure he/she has already made it big in his field. This way you can be sure that you are getting the best. How else can you expect to be successful if someone else does not lend you a hand?

Always seek to learn from the best.

8: You complain a lot: When things don’t work out or take long to give positive results how do you react? If you are the type that complain then no wonder you are still an under achiever.

This is a bitter pill to swallow but if someone does not tell you the truth you will never grow. Sometimes things don’t go the way we planned but that does not give you the right to whine.

When things are not working out you need to pause for a while and re-evaluate your strategy. This way you will know if you need to be patient or come up with a different approach.

The worst thing you can ever do when you get to the point when things look stagnate is to give up. Always think positively and you will sure work your way to the top.

9: You don’t go the extra mile: For your blog to be popular and thus stand out you have to pay the price. As other bloggers are doing what is expected of them, you should go the extra mile.

Dare to walk where others refuse to go and you will definitely get noticed. If it means spending sleepless nights, then do just that. If it calls for more research, burn the midnight oil to dig for information.

It will be painful for sure but you will be laughing all the way to the bank in the days to come. Pay the price now by doing what others are not doing.

People who become successful go above and beyond the norm. These are the people who always seek to constantly better themselves and improve their lives no matter the cost.

10: You don’t broadcast your achievements: You have to shout at the roof top so as to get noticed. Just because your content or product is unique and of high quality does not mean people will come scrambling for it.

Go out of your way to prove to your readers and customers that your work is fabulous. If it calls for testimonials make sure you get them. If you have some satisfied customers tell them to share their testimonies and make them public.

Use social sites and all online marketing channels available to you to broadcast your work. Don’t be afraid of telling the world what you can do and have achieved. If you don’t blow your own trumpet don’t expect someone else to do it for you.

There is this story I like to tell regarding marketing. These two friends used to sell tomatoes in the market. One of them had very good tomatoes thus he did not feel obliged to shout to passersby to come and buy.

He said to himself, people will see I have very good tomatoes so they will come to buy.

On the other hand his friend did not have very good tomatoes. In fact, some of his tomatoes were rotten. But he used to shout and smile at people passing by telling them that is tomatoes where the best in the market.

The amazing thing is that the friend with the rotten tomatoes always made most sales. Lesson, to be a top blogger in your niche you need to have the biggest mouth. Shout until your voice fades away by that time people will know you exist.

Summary: The way to the top is not easy neither is it difficult, it all depends on how much you want to get to the top.

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