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The dream of every webmaster is to get the best web ranking position on top search engines. The internet is filled with many strategies that can help you get to the 1st page. And that is not all; there are many SEO firms that promise heaven on earth when it comes to web ranking placement.

But how are you able to tell if the SEO strategy you are using is the right one? Or how do you determine the right SEO Company to work with?

It is important to know that no one but search engine companies know the secret to their algorithm. And am sure none of them are ready to reveal their secrets to anyone. What you need to have in mind is that search engines main agenda is to provide their users with relevant content.

No one can therefore guarantee you top web ranking position unless they are working for a search engine. All SEO experts can do is share with you what they have seen working for them and others.

Also do not forget that there are other types of SEO marketers that seek to get short cuts so as to rank high. The problem of taking that route is that it is short leaved. Sites that use black hat strategies to rank always at some point get caught and are axed from search engine listings.

This is why you need to be very careful where you get advice on SEO strategies. Furthermore, you need to have a basic idea of how to SEO since it will help you know if the SEO firm you are working with is using legit strategies.

When it comes to web ranking, every webmaster or blogger wants to be ranked high on Google. This is because Google commands over 2/3’s of all traffic generated by search engines. Taking into account that all search engines combined attracts over 90% of internet traffic, you can imagine the volume of traffic google generates.

The reason you would choose one search engine over the other is because of the relevant results you get when you enter keywords in the search box. So far, Google has proved to be offering the best content results thus is considered the current online sheriff.

Going over what we have discussed so far, you will discover that there are two ways of getting top web ranking. There are legit strategies also known as white hat strategies and underhand tactics also known as black hat strategies.

In some cases, some sites using black hat tactics have managed to get top ranking. But that has never lasted for long. Apart from using engine bots to rank sites, search engines have employed many people to manually check sites that rank high. If your site is caught using short cuts to rank then you can be sure to get slapped some day.

Just the other day, Google updated their algorithm which is infamous for having axed sites offering crappy content. Up to date, there are hot debates of whether Google is doing the right thing or not. Some are complaining how Google is only out to make money through advertisement and not to offer quality content.

Whether that is true or not I leave it to you to decide. Use the comment section below to share your opinion on the latest google web ranking algorithm, Panda Updates.

Constantly, search engines are changing their web ranking formula to ensure that only relevant and quality content get to the top of their search results. Since this formula as I stated is kept secret, on this article we shall see what SEO strategies have proven to work over and over again.

-Age of site is not a strategy but it is good to note that older sites get preference when it comes to web ranking. Your site may not rank high now, but the more you update your site with quality content you will eventually get top search engine placement.

Older sites are considered to be more experienced hence you need to be patient when it comes to SEO. Using white hat strategies consistently will help you fall in the good books of search engines thus with time rank high.

-No matter how many times search engines change their algorithm; content will always remain the focal point of their web ranking formula. Therefore, you can never go wrong if you publish unique and quality content.

Rich content will guarantee you quality backlinks as other webmasters point to your site.

-Sharing informative content is one thing but you need to do that on a regular basis. The best way to make sure you update your site regularly is having a working schedule. Have someone you can be accountable to so as to ensure you submit content constantly.

-As you are writing online you need to realize that your content will be read by human beings and search engines. You can have very good content but no one will know it exist.

This is way you need to use keyword phrases as you generate your content. Search engines can only tell what your content is about when you use keywords. The secret is to target common keywords that people search for in your niche and the keywords should have low competition.

web rankingStart by targeting short tail keywords then work your way towards ranking for long tail keyword phrases.

-SEO experts still debate whether the sites you are pointing to contribute to your web ranking position. Personally, this has worked well with my site. The idea is to always point to sites that rank higher than yours and have relevant content.

-One of the best tactics to get top search engine placement is building backlinks. This is when other sites are pointing to your site. Back linking has more weight when the site pointing at yours has relevant content.

If you are publishing content on real estate and you have a back link from a site that shares health content, it will not hurt your SEO efforts but it will also not add any value. Try and create backlinks from authority sites in your niche and it will be sure be worth your while.

Having seen the role that backlinks play in web ranking, do not rush for any SEO service you see out there. The only guarantee SEO service providers can offer you is to work hard to get you to 1st page.

To get quality back links will cost you a fortune or lots of effort. Some tops sites charge up to $60 per month for one single backlink. Here are some tactics of building quality back links

  1. Publish rich content that people in your niche will automatically want to link back to your site.
  2. Convince other webmasters and bloggers to include your link on their site.
  3. Become a guest blogger
  4. Buy links
  5. If you note a site is doing well and is still ranking low, get your link posted on such a site and patiently wait for its web ranking to go up.

Note: You can check your backlinks by typing this code in your browser:

-On site SEO is another way for improving your web rankings. As you create new webpages, it is important to link them to your homepage and other related webpages within your site.

In addition, this helps your visitors to navigate through your site with ease thus stay longer. As you all know the longer your visitors are on your site the more online revenue you will generate.

Conclusion: SEO web ranking is a combination of many things. Google says is uses over 200 parameters to rank websites.

Anyway, that should not worry you at all since the people working in the relevant departments in Google know about these parameters. The rest of us just share what we see working for our websites and blogs.

It is also imperative to be Wide World Web Consortium compliant. You can go to Wikipedia and read more about this.

If you optimize your content and avoid using Javascript in your website coding, you are good to go. Try to as much as possible share fresh content on a daily basis since this will mean more links pointing to your homepage.

Once you have lots of quality content featuring on your site you can try and get listed on top directory sites like Dmoz. Getting top web ranking is not a one day or 6 month affair; you have to be ready to be patient but the end results will be worth waiting for.

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