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The warning bells have been sounded and the internet marketing landscape is no longer what it used to be. Strategies of generating traffic to website that would earlier seem to you as genuine could now be looked at by search engines as black hat.

The reason for saying this is because yet another big site has been hit by Google. Build My Rank (BMK), a blog network site where webmasters and bloggers would go and get quality backlinks, has seen most of its sites de-indexed by Google.

According to Google, the dice has been cast and sites that use underhand tactics should know that their days are numbered. In the case of BMK, more than 5,000 domains in their blog network were de-indexed in a period of seven days.

We as internet marketers are left to guess who will be the next candidate. But the statement that google is trying to make here is that, online marketers have to rethink of their strategies of directing traffic to their website.

Webmasters have outsourced for traffic generation services without caring whether these site use white hat or black hat marketing strategies. Going with the current events, people will have no choice now but to re-strategize their methods of directing traffic to their websites.

But owe unto you if you are thinking of moving to white hat strategies now. The fight to get rid crappy sites did not start this March when BMK was hit. For the last one year Google has been on the look out to purge their search results of sites that are considered spammy.

By the look of things, more is still to unfold as Google seeks to improve user experience. It is believed that Google has employed about 4,500 people to manually review sites. If you are those people who do what Google doesn’t want, you should be on the lookout.

For many years now, search engines have been the main source of generating traffic to website. But from what you have read above, depending entirely on SEO to generate traffic to your website is like walking on thin ice.

The internet has of late become so unpredictable and this is demonstrated by how rapidly things are changing. Back in the early 90’s you could count on search engines to rank you high by just posting your site on business directories.

Today, there are no guarantees regardless of the niche you want to target. SEO marketers are now been forced to think outside the box and find other alternatives of getting more traffic to their clients websites.

As a webmaster or someone blogging for money, your over reliance on SEO traffic has to come to a halt. Check out your Google analytics, if you notice that over 50% of traffic to your website is from search engines, you are standing on shaky ground.

Imagine if your site was to be hit by the constant Google algorithm updates, it would mean that your sales volume would be cut by half.

The reason of writing this article is to help you cushion your online business from any eventuality. When the panda update was released, it is said that some legit sites where also hit. What makes you think you too cannot be a victim?

Fellow bloggers, it is high time we thought of other tactics of directing traffic to our sites. This also goes to people and firms that offer traffic generation services. Help your clients to see the disadvantage of over relaying on search engines to get traffic.

While others sit back and hope for the best, you need to act now and protect what you have worked for. Rather than waiting to see what happens next, this is the right time to consider other online marketing strategies.

As days go by, we are seeing Google systematically removing from their search results sites that used self-influenced strategies to rank. Most bloggers in a pursuit to outdo their competition used sites like BMK to get link juice. Now all that link power has been diluted.

You might claim that you never Build My Rank (BMK), but soon the site you have been using to influence your search engine position will fall victim. Do you have a fall back plan? If not, you better get down to work.

Ideally, site ranking is determined by search engines where their bots decide where to position your site in search result pages. Therefore, those who are using strategies to beat their competition are doing the wrong thing that is according to Google.

Now you see, how long do you think it will take before you too see a decline in traffic to your website due to a drop in site ranking?

You might say that google reveals what you need to do to rank high. To Google this is a way of providing equal opportunities for all to get listed on their search results thus improving user experience.

increase web traafic

Here are some requirements that Google wants webmasters and bloggers to adhere to:

–          Generate quality content that will add value to readers and also help search engines know what you are writing about.

–          Have incoming links that are of high quality and related to your site content to prove that the information on your site is worth listing in top search engine result pages.

–          Have the ability to retain people on your site for long and getting them to interact with your blog by posting comments, reading your articles, visiting other webpages within your site and so on.

–          Get your site visitors to share your content on social media sites.

–          Ensure your site loads fast and more importantly make it easy to navigate for both human beings and search engine spiders.

When you read what google is looking for, you will see that some online marketers are using strategies that Google has not recommended. Google’s benchmarks are so clear yet online markets look for ways to manipulate engine bots.

We all know the value of generating quality content, but some of us would rather find the easy way out. If only webmasters and bloggers would concentrate on publishing rich and helpful content, no one would be worried about site ranking.

There is something about providing high quality content, apart from getting more traffic to your site; it produces a ripple effect that will make your site go viral. Social media sites offer free fertile grounds to market your website, why would you insist on only employing SEO strategies?

The problem of going the SEO way is that you are forced to do things that if given a choice you would opt otherwise. Our blogs have been built to appease Google and in the process forgotten that our site visitors should come first.

It is now common to see sites:

*Posting low quality links on social media sites with a hope they gain a viral effect.

*With endless content that mean nothing to site visitors

*With bogus website designs that are not in line with the site owners’ wishes.

*That have completely sidetracked from their main agenda and business goals.

*Producing of low quality video content.

*Using tools that do not provide true analysis to help you better optimize your site.

All these, in the name of following rules set by Google in order to rank and get more traffic to your website. As I have said many times before, Google rules the internet and the rest of us have no option but to get other alternatives of generating traffic to website or do what they say.

You may be asking, which are these other traffic generation strategies?

First let me congratulate you for having an eagerness to read these far in order to learn the trend that the internet is taking. History has it that our past determines of future. Therefore, it is good to know where we are coming from and where we are heading as internet business entrepreneurs.

There are many ways you can stop this over reliance on Google to direct traffic to your blog or website. If we start talking on all the other option available of traffic generation, we would be here the whole day describing them.

Below are other strategies of directing traffic to your site that would not affect you even if Google algorithm updates hit you tonight.

  1. Article marketing where you generate quality content for syndication. Good articles will always find their way on quality sites thus helping you funnel direct traffic to your site as webmasters republish your articles.
  2. Posting quality press release articles on top quality sites like PRweb. Though it might call you to go deep into your pocket, press release can get your site to appear on top news sites thus boosting your site web presence.
  3. Submitting your links on eZine marketing sites like eZine hub which is now Site pro news.
  4. Directing traffic to your site by posting your webpage links on social bookmarking sites like Stumple Upon, Reddit, Diggs, delicious and the list goes on and on.
  5. If you ask me, email marketing is one of the best ways to ensure that you remain traffic proof even when the next panda update comes calling. There is no better backup than having people subscribed voluntarily to be in your opt in email list. On the internet having an email list is like owning an ATM machine.
  6. You can also publish your our eBooks where you can provide to site visitors for free or sell, but make sure you include links to your website. This is a rich source of generating direct traffic to your website.
  7. Participating in active online forums in your niche. Forum sites offer good opportunities to showcase your expertise and thus build a fan base that Google can never contend with.
  8. Participating in social media sites like twitter, facebook, pinterest and Google plus. With the right strategies and patience, you can build lasting relationships on social sites that will establish a brand name for your business.
  9. Funneling traffic from online selling sites like Amazon and Ebay.
  10. Directing visitors to your site through guest blogging especially on blogs that already generate high traffic volume.

Above are 8 techniques to be immune in case you fall victim to Google algorithm updates. Kindly, share using the comment section below of other strategies of getting referral traffic to your site other than SEO tactics.

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Summary: In every arena of online marketing be it SEO, forum marketing, press release, article marketing, name it, you have to be patience and be ready to work hard. The notion that SEO is easy and other strategies of directing traffic to our sites hard is completely misplaced.

The fact that you have been seeing free traffic from Google does not mean you can rest easy. If something was to happen to Google today, which direction would your business take?

Let us assume Google was removed from the equation, would your blog or website still look the way it is today? What I’m I trying to imply here; it is the time that you added more online marketing strategies to your website promotion campaign.

Apart from integrating more traffic generation techniques, find ways of making it easier for your site visitors to get in touch with you. Put in place effective follow up mechanisms for people in your opt in list and be active on business forums and social media sites hence build relationships.

These are simple to implement tactics that will ensure Google do not call the shots when it comes to your site traffic volume.

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