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On this blog, we have shared lots of information about online marketing and it’s high time we tackled in details another very important topic, web page design. Time and time again, you have heard people say that first impressions really matter, they are actually right.

The way you design your web pages and website in general determine how much money you will make online. The structure of your web page design can thrust you into the lime light or get you sidelined.

Some webmasters and bloggers generate lots of traffic but fail to reap full benefit due to the appearance of their sites. Technology is moving so fast and web designs that used to work some 5 or 10 years ago have today become outdated.

On the other hand, new technology can also lead to the downfall of other website. Web designers sometimes in their pursuit to please their clients, create sites that look like a Christmas tree. Doing business on the net is a delicate issue and therefore you need to be careful every step of the way.

But it is important to note that people are different, a site that would make me frown in pain, would erase the wrinkles on another man’s face. It is for this reason you need to know the preferences of your target audience. If you create web page designs that capture your target audience, the better for you.

If you can evoke the feelings of your target audience, they will keep coming back to your site again and again. Humans are emotional beings thus you need to create a site that will have a lasting impression so as to make money.

Site feel is determined by how your site visual appeal goes hand in hand with the expectations of your target audience. This is what necessitates your visitors to spread the word around about your site.

From the introduction some of you are asking; then how do I go about creating web page designs that will make my visitors come back again and again?

Here are some of the vital attributes of a good web page design:

Navigation bar: The moment you make your visitors wonder how to navigate through your site, you have lost them. Visitors should right away figure out how to find what they are looking for. Thus, your navigation bar should be simple and easy to locate.

Ideally, the best place to display the navigation bar is at the top of your web page design and at the side bar. If visitors come to your site via your web pages, the top of the web page should indicate which page they are reading and on which site or blog.

These calls for creating of a web Page URL that is related to what is contained in the body of the post. In addition, all the webpages you create should have a link pointing to your homepage. Apart from ensuring easy navigation, linking to your home page will boost your overall site SEO value.

A good web page design is where your visitors can easily find links to take them to other related pages. Avoid having pages where visitors have to scroll for too long to get more information. Rather, break your pages with links or have a side bar which they can use to navigate with.

Note: You definitely know the way around your site but that is not the case to your visitors, especially new visitors. Create a site where the web page design has a column on the left or site that contains a navigation menu. In case you have many webpages, make sure you provide your visitors and search engines with a site map.

Text type and color: The style you choose to have your text is very critical in web page design. Your text should not be too big or too small. The secret is to make sure that a person with a 20/20 vision can read what you have written.

It is recommended that you use a font size between 12px to 16px depending of the font style. Also, select a font style that matches with what your blog content is about. For example, you cannot use a font like this …work from home online business entrepreneurs have to…. for a business site unless you want to attract calligraphers.

An element of web page design that can bring down your site is the color of your background. If you are using black text make sure you choose a light background preferably white. Do not reverse and use white text with black background, you will put off your visitors.

The fact that there are over 200 colors to choose from, does not imply that you turn your blog into a rainbow. Try and pick colors that match in order to draw the attention of your visitors. A good color contrast is when you pick dark colors on light background and not the other way round.

Size of website: Some years back, websites had 800×600 screen resolution. But as we speak, most people browsing the internet are using a screen resolution of 1024×768. Therefore, if you create a web page design that will fit a small screen, people with big screen, who are the majority, will find your site looking petite and funny.

As much as we have advanced in technology, you need to be careful on how you design your website. People are more interested with the information you have to share and not the flashy aspects of your site. It is therefore prudent to keep things simple and nice.

Work with web page design templates that have been tried and tested. The moment you force your visitors to download other web tools in order to view your site, you will definitely loss them to your competitors.

web page designWeb page design layout: Most web designers will tell you that using frames in your page layout is easy. But you need to realize that frames can be a nightmare to your visitors. Ask yourself this, who do you intent to please, your web page designer or your target audience?

The disadvantage of using frames is that when visitors bookmark your webpages, they may not be able to come back to it. In addition, frames sometimes don’t work when you click on the back button.

Loading time: Just as is the case with the offline world, on the internet time has become of great essence. People are always in a hurry and want things that work out very fast and easy. Hence, when they open your site and it takes long to load they will click the close and move on to the next site which will most probably be your business rival.

The one culprit that would slow down your site loading time is images. Before you load any image on your site ensure you have reduced the size. As you build on your web site, use one or two images on every web page you add.

Information: If you ask experienced webmasters, they will tell that this should have been attribute number 1. When visitors land on your site they are more concerned with what you have to offer than how your site looks.

As much as visual appeal is important, if the content on your site is not adding value then you will not generate sales leads. In short, the point I’m trying to put across is that Content Is king.

You can spend thousands of dollars working on your web design, which is alright, but remember when visitors land on your site they are in search of what will be of benefit to them. Generate content that will address the needs of your target audience and for sure your site prospects will turn into loyal fans or customers.

Also, do not forget that you are writing to search engines; therefore use keywords that will tell engine spiders what your pages are all about.

It is really disappointing when you come across outdated information on a website. For example, you click on a link about an upcoming webinar only to find out it already took place last month.

Once an event has taken place, you must right away remove the page or amend it. This will in the long run help build your online reputation thus boost online visibility.

Link color: Though there are web page designs that use different colors when it comes to links, it is advisable to use conventional colors. Ideally, most people know links to be color blue while purple is for visited links.

Do not go changing these colors since you will end up confusing your site visitors. At all times, visitor experience should be your priority number 1.

Call to action: The idea behind starting an online business is to make money and the best way to achieve that is through engaging your audience. As you design your website, make sure your homepage and individual web pages have a call to action.

For example, on your homepage you can use hyper links that have words like “read more” or “click here”. These are simple call to action messages that compel your readers to explore more of what you have to offer.

Other techniques of engaging your site visitors include having an online contest, requesting your readers to share your content, offering free downloads or simply asking visitors to leave comments.

WordPress is the best platform to use since they have plugins that will help you to easily incorporate functions that will make your web page design more interactive. These include plugins where you can add popular post, online videos, display popular commenters and so on.

Images: Your site would look so beautify with a rose flower appearing on your homepage, but you need to ask yourself how that image is related to the content on your make money online blog.

It is amazing how images can speak a thousand words. That is why photographers make a lot of money; they are keen to visualize on things that you and I do not care to see.

Do your site a favor, by uploading quality and original images that are related to your content. This will go a long way in ensuring that your web page design is worth visiting again and again.

Having good images does not imply posting pictures that are moving all over the place. Normally, blinking images and banners sidetrack your site audience from reading and absorbing your content. They might appear fancy, but animation can easily turn off your readers.

Instead, use still images that depict the story contained in your webpage. This way you will offer a friendly environment for visitors to interact with your blog or website.

Site functionality: An element that can negatively affect your site ranking and performance is broken links. A good web page design needs to have links that function well. Test to confirm if all the links in your navigation bar are working perfectly.

Add plugins like Link Checker which will inform you whenever you have broken links.

Avoid uploading images that do not display well by testing before publishing. In case you notice an image that is not displaying well, replace or remove it immediately.

Recap: There is a thin line between success and failure as far as online business is concerned. You may have the most attractive web page design, but lack of visitors will leave a sore taste in your mouth.

Therefore, as you seek to create web page designs that are appealing to the eye, put more efforts on marketing your site. This you will achieve by optimizing your content, marketing on social sites among other web marketing tactics.

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