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If you are blogging for profit then one thing is for sure, you must know where to strategically place ads on your blog. This applies to your own, affiliate or sponsored products.

Positioning of advertisement is very important since it determines how much money you will generate from your blog. As a blogger who is in it for the money, your main agenda should be to:

  1. Make more online sales
  2. Sell the right products
  3. Check your sales performance
  4. Ensure your ads are not above the fold
  5. Make sure sponsors get their ROI that is if you are selling ad space

On this write up we shall discuss the best place to position your advertisements and which kind of advertisement actually convert. We shall also tackle the best strategy of attracting people to buy ad space on your site.

The first thing to do when it comes placing ads is getting the right tools. If you are using wordpress then you need to install a plugin called ad injection. This is a free plugin that will help you to place ads at desired positions.

You can also get Cranky Ads. This is another great tool that assists in the management of your advertisements. In addition, Cranky Ads helps you in automating the process of selling ad space on your site.

Note: Both this tools allow you to rotate your ads.

Whether you are doing online or offline business, advertisement is very crucial. This has been demonstrated by the millions of dollars that companies spend every month to promote their brand name and products.

The strategies we shall talk about on this article relate to online business. These techniques have worked for me over the years but I must say it is not a guarantee they will work for you too. In fact, to some of your these tactics my work against you.

It all depends on the preference of your target market. The way a certain group of people react to ads may differ from another. This is in relation to age, class, financial status and so on.

Therefore, you need to research your target audience and know how to psychologically convince them to click on your adverts.

Amount of traffic to your site also determine how your ad placement will work. In addition, you must seek to direct the right kind of people to your site. These are people who will be interested to look at what you have to offer.

Another important point to note is that you must run tests to find out the right position to place your ads. Once you try out an ad placement strategy, give it at least a month or two before you try out another position.

For people with high traffic, a week is enough to tell whether an ad positioning is performing well or not.

In some instances you might need to increase or reduce the size of your banners to notice an increase in sales conversion. Also remember that there are times of the year when people tend to spend more especially towards the end of the year.

In the world we live in today, the economy is very volatile and this can really affect people’s buying power. If you are selling ad space, during hard economic times companies will cut down their advertising budgets.

Furthermore, you might see a decrease on your affiliate sales that is if you are an affiliate marketer.

All the above are issues you have to factor in to determine if your ad placement strategy is working or not.

But all said and done, there are places within your site that are considered hot spot for you to place ads.

Click here to view heat maps i.e places within a site that gets high click density.

AD placement

From the above image you can see that areas that are above the fold (the top of your site) elicit more clicks. The other area that has a high click density is on the right sidebar especially at the top.

These are the hottest parts of your website or blog and hence are the right areas to place content. Here you are assured of people seeing your content thus gain their trust.

As we speak, Google is punishing sites that have too many ads placed above the fold. If you ask me, you are better off placing your content in the hottest areas of your website or blog.

Remember that the main reason of creating a blog is to share information and not to sell. Nobody likes to be sold to therefore your visitors should see that your first priority is to solve their problems. Money should come second.

Once you are consistent with offering insightful content, you will gain credibility thus visitors will trust what you are trying to sell.

As a blogger, your must make sure readers see that content comes first. Doing the opposite will only dent your online reputation hence reduce sales conversion.

Where to position your sidebar:

I’m sure most of you have a side bar on your site. Personally, I fancy having one side bar preferably on the right but that does not mean you cannot try placing yours on the left or on both sides.

My reason of having the right sidebar is because most people are right handed and therefore tend to place the cursor on the right side of their computer screen when they are ideal. As a result, people will easily see adverts placed on the right side of your blog.

Nowadays, most blog designs come with a right or left sidebar so it’s up to you to choose what you prefer.

As mentioned before, your content should appear where the heat map shows high click density and reserve the side bar for placing ads. You can also opt to place your ads immediately after your content.

There are sites that place ads at the header or footer. But studies show that ads that appear at the footer do not generate enough clicks. As for the header, it may work for some niches and fail in others; therefore you need to test as see if it works for you.

When it comes to online advertising one thing is for sure, having ads plastered all over your site is not advisable.

Having ads flickering all over the place will make your site look disorganized. In addition, it will increase your bounce rate as visitors will spend less than 10 seconds on your site.

Don’t forget that the online sheriff, Google, is on the lookout for sites that have a high ads-to-content ratio. Google will only rank you high when you have more content than ads.

Where to place adverts on your site:

To start with, you can have your main ad on your header or at the top of your side bar.

Also place others ads in the middle of your sidebar and exactly after your blog posts.

The best types of ads to have in the above mentioned positions are banners.

Text links also perform very well especially if you place them at the bottom of your sidebar.

As earlier noted, the top area of your site elicits a lot of clicks. As a result, some webmasters and bloggers float adverts to the right or left in the beginning of their posts.

There is still hot debate about aligning your ads at the top of your articles; some people say it interferes with content flow. The secret is to try out different ad positions and decide for yourself what works best with your target audience.

Number of ads to place within a webpage:

The best approach is to have more of content than adverts within a single page. The two tools we talked about earlier, Ad Injection and CrankyAds, have one powerful element which is ad rotation.

These are tools that can help you promote over 50 or 100 products with a single site. All you do is place ads within the spaces provided in the back office of the tool and choose which ads you want displayed on rotational basis.

It is recommended that your main ad that appears at the top side bar to be bigger, preferable 350 x 300 depending on the width on your sidebar.

Below the main advert you can place other small banner ads (125 x 125). Here you can have at most 6 ads two at each level. Placing your ads this way will make your blog look attractive and thus increase Click Through Rate (CTR).

Summary: Making money online is easy but you need to be strategic. What I mostly advice people who come to me about placing ads is that they need to go a step at a time.

When you are starting your blog do not be quick to place adverts. I would rather you concentrate on generating content then advertisements can come in later when you have build traffic and online reputation.

There is still more to discuss as regards to placing advertisements on your site. Hence, on the next post which will be part 2 we shall talk about the effects of social proof in online selling.

If you have something to add on what has already been discussed on this blog post, feel free to share it in the comment section provided below.

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