Work Online From Home Rules For High Page Ranking

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The first fundamental aspect of someone seeking to work online from home is having a website. But even after creating a good and beautiful website it is not a guarantee that you will make money.

The old fairy tale that says once you submit your site to search engine, traffic will come rolling in like a flood are long gone. Today, there are billions of websites thus you need to do something extra to gain online visibility as you work online from home.

It is a well know fact that search engines are the best sources of online targeted traffic. In fact, about 95% of traffic online is generated from search engine. In this percentage Google takes about 2/3’s of this traffic.

Therefore, when building your site you need to take into consideration ways of making your site search engine friendly. In short, you need to create web pages that will be easy to rank.

Normally, when you submit your site and web pages to engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo, they are indexed very fast and ranked. If you do your optimization poorly you will be ranked in the back pages and it may take you some time before you get to pages one or two. This then means you have to optimize very well before you submit your content.

Here are some work online from home ideas to follow to help rank your pages high.

Design a website that is search engine friendly, WordPress is highly recommended and in later articles I will explain why. So as to enjoy working online get your own domain name and hosting, rather than going for free blogs which do not give you full control to manage your site.

Title Tag: The first thing that search engine spiders see is your title therefore take time to choose your heading wisely. Make sure that the major keyword you want to rank on is included in your title tag preferably at the beginning.

Your title should not be below 40 characters and exceed 70 Character. The reason for this is because search engines only display the first 70 Characters on your title in their search engine result listings. Hence if you place your keywords at the end of your title search engines may miss to read them.

It is recommended that you use work online tools such as Google External Keyword Tool, Keyword Winner (Paid keyword tool), Market Samurai, Google Insight and Google Trends to determine which keywords people are searching for in your niche. Go for keywords that are less competitive but still have a high search volume.

Keyword Meta Tags: Though Google announced that they will not be using the keyword tags to rank sites, there are still other engines that Crawl the keyword tags. List the keywords you intend to target wisely starting with your main keyword.

Description Tag: This is where you give a short description of what your website is all about. Google uses this tag to rank sites, therefore remember to mention your main keyword phrases in this section. The recommended characters are 150. Here you can also include your secondary keywords or long tail keywords.

Your title and description should be catchy since it is what will be shown in search engines page result listings.

work online at homePost Content: This is also a very important aspect to consider as you work online from home. Once you have established your major keyword, use it repeatedly within your content. You can also underline or make your keywords bold to tell engines spiders what your pages are about.

Blogging is one of the best ways to generate content thus generate targeted traffic. Make sure that you publish new and informative content on a regular basis. For every new webpage you create, ensure you take time to research and use different keyword phrases.

Use keywords that are relevant in your niche so as to attract unique traffic. Since search engines will rank your individual pages, with time as you keep publishing regularly you will start ranking for many keywords thus attaining more work online leads.

Avoid targeting more than one keyword in a post. It would be better to target one keyword for every post thus making your content readable to your visitors.

As your work online from home through blogging, make certain that every page you create is linked to other relevant pages and also to your home page. This is called onpage optimization. Hyper link with your targeted keywords especially long tail keywords.

Though people say that long tail keywords have little traffic, it is easier to rank for them and traffic will be more targeted thus improve your sales conversion.

These are the initial steps you need to take to get a high page ranking while working online at home. If you implement these on-site work online from home rules correctly you will be ahead of 95% of people that do online business.

Conclusion: Some people have the money to outsource for search engine optimization, but if you don’t have the money you need not to worry. You too can learn the white hat techniques and start ranking high on top search engines.

Remember with SEO you need to be patient and consistent since it may take some time before you reach the top. But the good thing is that they day you get to the 1st page you will reap the full benefits for a long time to come.

There is still more to learn on how to work online from home especially regarding SEO, therefore share your opinions by posting them in the comment section below. If you have some queries also feel free to submit them in the same section.

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